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Saskia, where are we going tomorrow?

Saskia, where are we going tomorrow?

Yesterday so sunny and bright, and today little drops falling on us as we went around the yard trying to find the ducks.

Saskia, a natural waldorf-inspired doll with her bumpy knees. by Fig and Me.

Saskia wanted so very much to pet the ducks, even though I told her we can't even get close to them as they run for their life whenever you're near. Only when they are taking one of their many naps can you sneak closer, they know you are there, but the soporific weather keeps them still and you can admire their feathery beauty.

Picking posies of Forget-me-nots, by Fig and Me.

Saskia wears her cotton skirt, linen shoes and favourite blue socks… by Fig and Me.

Saskia, a 23" tall natural fiber art doll, wearing her cotton bonnet by Fig and Me.

I promised Saskia to take her outside tomorrow morning. We will look under all the wild strawberries and the bending trillium, see if we can find some fairies. She really wants to meet one and every night she goes to bed, a single wish in her lips: "perhaps I will meet the fairies tomorrow, right?". Yes my dear, perhaps tomorrow.

Saskia, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and me, wears her knitted bonnet with a single tiny pompom. Because obviously such a tiny pompom is just the thing she wanted.

So tomorrow, without delay, we shall get up bright and early and take Saskia for a woodland adventure. We just hope there is not a lot of rain in our forecast, otherwise we will have to search with rubber boots and big umbrellas!. Wish us good luck, we shall need it.

**Saskia is a 23" tall custom figlette, who is almost ready to go home and live a life of adventure in Maine. Lucky duck!.

Saskia, on fairy search.

Saskia, on fairy search.

My Imogen: a free knitting pattern for your sweet doll.

My Imogen: a free knitting pattern for your sweet doll.