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Saskia, on fairy search.

Saskia, on fairy search.

Every morning, every afternoon, Little Saskia has one idea in mind when heading into the garden: can we look for fairies?. I always agree because, of course, who wouldn't like to find one?. 

Saskia with her silly pigtails. By Fig and Me.

We head outside, and she looks everywhere. Around the ducks' nests, and promptly removes any beautiful eggs she finds; around the raised vegetable garden beds, picking a weed or two; by the little girls' mud kitchen, stops and makes a couple sticky pies for later; around the apple trees, who are so handsome covered in beautiful blooms; under the big umbrellas of the Mayapple, hoping to find their big single flowers all opened up.

She looks by the pond, stops and lets her feet get refreshed by the cool water; in the chicken coop, trying very carefully not to step on any icky stuff; inside the ancient barn, hoping to discover a secret nest or two (and she is always so lucky); under the big hostas, she thinks the fairies love their shady undersides.

Saskia, a natural cloth doll, waldorf inspired, by Fig and Me.

Saskia goes around all the lilac bushes, and of course picks a bouquet or two (to adorn little mud cakes later, she tells me); lies on the big beds of Sweet Woodruff, and smells their ancient scent; digs a little under the Chinese Lanters, which are starting to grow like crazy; finds the little beginnings of Milkweed and dreams of the cozy beds the seeds will make for tired fairies.

The long grass tickles her legs and the buzz from bumblebees guides her. She feels certain those bumblebees ought to know where the fairies lie. The forest at the back of the house is covered in moss and dark shadows and Saskia is always a little apprehensive to go in there all by herself. I tell her I will wait for her just by the entrance, and that I wish her much luck finding a fairy. She cowers a little but heads in. Nobody understands better than I the need to go into dark shadows alone, to face your fears while following your passion.

Going places this one, by Fig and Me.

Sweet smelling woodruff, by Fig and Me.

Saskia sitting pretty, by Fig and Me.

Saskia showing off her skirt and top, by Fig and Me.

After a little while she returns, much scratched and sweaty, but empty handed. A bigger smile I have never seen. It feels so good to feel brave, doesn't it Saskia? She agrees. So we continue our search for the mythical beings all around our garden, in the meadows, everywhere that we can get to.

Then she finds a specially magical patch of Sweet Woodruff again. She stops to take a little rest, all that walking around while swatting mosquitoes away has taken a toll on her little legs. And what do you know? right behind her she feels a little fluttering, and a little pinch. Thinking she must have sat on something with pincers she pops right up and she finds what she is looking for!. Oh happy day!!.

 Saskia in the garden, by Fig and Me.

Saskia in the garden, by Fig and Me.

Don't forget to smell the flowers Little Saskia! By Fig and Me.

Saskia looking for fairies. A natural cloth doll by Fig and Me.

She has asked me not to share photos of her fairy friend, wants to keep it a secret for when she gets home and can show Little K, who shall be her best friend. I agreed and we went inside the house, to have a much deserved cup of tea and some cake (not the muddy ones, those are for children only).

As mentioned in previous posts, Saskia is a custom doll I was honoured in bringing to life. Doll making is a funny thing, you know? especially when you are trusted with creating a doll based on the wishes and love of people you have never met, but that through out the years have come close to you. You hear of their family worries, and of their celebrations. You hear about children growing up and moments of solitude shared between mother and child. You hear all these things and you forge very deep connections to the cloth and wool being shaped under your hands. I am not saying this is easy, is by far one of the hardest things I do. But it is always so rewarding to see what little creature unfolds, with predilections, ideas, moods. I can't helped to be marvelled by it all.

Saskia in the garden, by Fig and Me.

Saskia wears a cotton knit top with a beautiful print of botanical elements (mushrooms, leaves, flowers), with puffed bound sleeves and neck. A little flowy skirt made of cotton with ultra wide hem and elastic waist. She also has a matching pair of knitted bonnet and apron, knit with cotton yarn (the practical little girl!). Socks and underwear of course, and a pair of pink linen shoes with velour soles (so that she can walk quietly and not alert the fairies!). A little cape with dotty linen keeps her a little warm from the early morning breezes.

Saskia has a wee little fairy and a few other things that we just can't reveal at the moment. They are meant as little surprises for the family that will open her box once she arrives home. I have giggled uncounted times thinking of the joy these wee things shall bring others, and I have stared at her more than I can confess. Something so playful in her smile, so gentle in her eyes, so sweet. I do hope they love her. Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of creating a doll just for the two of you my dears, I hope my blog keeps inspiring your doll play, that there are many stories in the years that come for you two to read, and that you welcome Saskia with open arms. She is ready to go home!.

Little Saskia, a natural fiber art doll, custom made by Fig and Me.

Phoebe, dreaming of moonbeams and sand.

Phoebe, dreaming of moonbeams and sand.

Saskia, where are we going tomorrow?

Saskia, where are we going tomorrow?