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The two sisters.

Two sisters, by Fig&me

Oh! the two sisters. I know so very well the joys and the pains. Especially when they are so close in age.

Creating these two dolls has brought all sorts of ruminating and a lot of quiet smiles to this face. Albeit not perfect, they are in fact an embodiment in cloth of what I feel for my dolls. Every time I look at them, there is a surge of love that overcomes me, my eyes water and my hands feel warm. Doll making can be one lonely path, but I like to think of it as a way of understanding myself, and of living a life with mindfulness.

Here are the two photos that inspired these dolls, plus a few details of their outfits. You can tell a lot about their personalities and traits by looking to them as a whole. 

Two sisters who have inspired me.

Playful sisters.

Love is in those details, by Fig & me

Lily, there are strawberries on your dress! by Fig&me

Princess Hailey, by Fig&me

Double flutter sleeve, by Fig&me

Princess Lily, by Fig&me

Two sisters in crowns, by Fig&me

My heart rests assured knowing that I put the best of me in these dolls. And that a part of  me will live forever in the hands of their new family. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create them, to find bits and pieces of who I am through the work of my hands, and for allowing me to be a doll maker. Love to you all. 

It's been a while...

Doll dressmaking.