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It's been a while...

Tools of the trade, by Fig&me

It's been a little while since blogging happened. I have been rather quiet because there is so much going on in the backstage. A little moving around the house, relocating my studio, and then the dolls in progress who are getting super excited for their introduction. 

It's also been a while since I have made fabric-covered buttons. I used to make them a lot, and working on a special bedding set for a wooden bed my husband made had me reacquainted with the process of cutting small circles of fabric, and snip-snap, buttons made. Simple things like that make my heart sing so loud, so joyously. 

Fabric covered buttons, by Fig&me.

The to-do-list of the bedding is nearing completion. A few more things to make, take photographs and say good-bye. I am thinking I will be listing the set again via auction, because I have no clue what to charge for the man-of-the-house-creations. It is a bit Japanese-inspired, the fabrics I used and the bed itself are reminiscent of that culture. Once it is all done I will come and show you. 

Always busy, by Fig&me.

I have so much on my work table, and I wish I could say I was flustered or confused or even annoyed, but truth be told I am bursting at the seams (again!). Between the bedding items, a whole whack of envelopes full of wee pocket babies who should be flying to their homes very soon, a mysterious forest princess who is dressed in green silk, and all the things I am making for my sweet-sweet-sweet custom doll (who cannot spend two minutes quiet!!), there aren't just enough hours in the day for my to absorb, work, contemplate, and take it all in. Seriously. Good things the days are getting longer because I am starting to feel that burst of energy that comes with Spring time. And it's about time too. 

Lambing season.

The two sisters.