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It was warm and sunny.

Little Nouveau, by Fig&me

The day was rising, growing high up in the sky, the sun towered over the trees and the shadows played. The warmth came through the window and my hands were busy: exploring a new doll. Her name is Nouveau and she has been in my head, and partly in my studio, longer than I care to recite. But she is now here, where everybody can see her and we can talk, and go over things quite naturally, like two friends who grew up together: skinned knees together, got in trouble together, ate ice cream on the sidewalk together…that kind.

Nouveau by the window, Fig and Me.

Nouveau, by Fig&me

Little Nouveau is a 16" tall Mannikin style doll (the ones with the articulated core that allows them to pose, with more or less MSD measurements). Although she looks quite taciturn in these photos she is not sad or melancholic. Maybe she was a little ashamed that I took her photos before her eyelashes were embroidered. Perhaps. Now I need to tame this puppy so I can finish her all up. Wish me luck!

In the garden