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In the garden

Nouveau in the garden, by Fig&me

She finally has hair. Oh I have been caressing those mohair locks for what feels like a century; wondering if they were going to suit her or not. Wether she was going to be fussy or fuzzy with such fine mohair. Covered in fibre, playing with her hair, we decided to dye them a little bit, as she prefers to be a strawberry blonde. We also felted them a bit so that the curl stays put and her mane is more manageable. Then we went outside.

Nouveau in the garden, by Fig&me

Nouveau in the garden, by Fig&me

Nouveau and the lilacs, by Fig&me

There are a few plants and shrubs blooming and she seems very interested in little flowers. Just sits and contemplates the garden. I think she would love to spend as much time outside as possible, sadly for her, I am made of flesh and blood and the darn mosquitoes really limit the amount of time I can be with her out there. My husband said she needed a garden bench to sit more comfortably, promptly made her one, and now I  need to make cushions and pillows for it. Oh, how fun!

Nouveau in the garden, by Fig&me

Nouveau by the lilacs,  by Fig&me

Nouveau and sweet woodruff, by Fig&me

She was specially happy when she found a patch of sweet woodruff, and promptly cut a few stems for herself. I think she likes to wear braid crowns because she immediately smiled and gave me one of those looks, as if saying: "you knew!". I love when my dolls speak to me like this. They make me feel so happy. 

But now that I can see a bit more her personality, and that this is the way she is going, I am afraid I will have to change tune (again!) and create a wardrobe fit for such a calm and gentle soul. It is always welcomed though, the challenge of making things that please them. 

Sweet woodruff for Nouveau, by Fig&me

Ultra long curly hair, for my sweet Nouveau (fig&me)

Now if all goes according to plan, and the dress comes out sweetly, and the underpants don't make me lose my mind, and all those plumpy cushions are greeted with approval, then Nouveau should be ready to find a home where she can enjoy the best of life: dusty books, small bouquets, the smell of lavender on your linen pillow when you go to bed, a nice cup of floral tea. As is usual with all my Mannikin dolls, she will be held for auction when the time is up. Now off I go to mastermind her clothes!. 

Nouveau and her magnificent bench.

It was warm and sunny.