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Little Ethan, the gentle giant.

Little Ethan, the gentle giant. By Fig and Me

Ethan woke up bright and early. I think it was about 5 this morning. Shouldn't legally be called morning, but yet he had so much to do, he came to wake me up. Wanted to take the puppy "aside"—"Outside you mean?" I asked half asleep. "Yup, a-side"- he reiterated. Clad in pink floral pajamas and a hairdo deserving of a museum write-up or horror movie prop, I opened the back door. Was he even dressed already?.

Morning hike, by Fig and me. 

I love stripes of all colours, by Fig and me.

Playing in the sand, by Fig and me. 

First things first, he tottered to the sand pile, where his cars and trucks were left amidst yesterday's play. Zoom-zooming and speeding tickets, and a lot of security-vehicle alarms were heard in the garden this morning, the birds greeted his play with their own chatter and the chickens inquired about the ruckus. I smiled back, shrugged my shoulders and continued to follow the little fella all over the yard. 

Climbing and building, by Fig and Me. 

I was mighty surprised and very proud that my little Ethan dressed himself so properly. Ok, the scarf was a bit too much but when I asked him about it, he said he needed a "wope" (rope I gathered) to lasso the chickens if they were misbehaving. I told him the chickens never do that, but the rope would come in handy to contain our puppy Luna when she got close to them. he agreed, and after climbing a very tall mountain, decided to go and investigate the surrounding forbidden forest, full of wild beasts and enchanted dwellers. 

My jersey hat, by Fig and Me.

Where is your shoe? by Fig and Me.

Little Ethan, by Fig and Me.

He started spinning stories about being a giant in this beautiful forest, but letting me know he was a good giant, a gentle one. He was there to help the animals and the gnomes, and sometimes had to lift very heavy trunks to allow the animals to build their nests or to uncover their burrows after a storm. A gentle giant I thought, what a nice thing to be. 

Ethan, the gentle giant. By Fig and Me.

Ethan is full of stories and play. I am having a real hard time trying to keep up the stories straight, because he changes the tune so quickly. We are discussing his giant manners and then he tells me he is not a giant, he is a builder, or an explorer, or a pilot. The second thing he loves more in the world is stripes. A boy after my own heart!. He asked for stripes on everything, and even though I didn't quite manage to fulfill the request, he was extremely happy with his clothes. I know Ethan will make a wonderful playmate, and I sure hope he finds the right friends, who never get tired of  hearing his stories and following him around in his adventuring. 

Taming snakes, by Fig and Me.

Little Ethan is a natural handmade doll for love and play. He stands 13.5" tall and is made with cotton and stuffed to a gentle tenderness with clean wool. Ethan has body proportions corresponding to a very young child (4 year old). He has a lightly sculpted face, and embroidered features. His hair is goat weft, turned into a cap with mohair yarn and sewn in. He is wearing a sleeveless organic cotton shirt, underpants and linen overalls with blue buttons. Jersey socks and wool shoes. A little scarf (that he uses as rope, sometimes is a snake and other times is a life line when exploring dark caves) and jersey toque. Ethan is a toy suitable for a child over 4 years old, there are small buttons that can pose a choking hazard so please be mindful. Mr Ethan would love to find a loving home where he can keep exercising his play muscles, he promises to not wake up anybody before 6 in the morning. 

If you would like to offer your home to Ethan, please fill the form below. His price is $375 USD plus postage. I will leave the form open until 10 PM EDT tonight, and select a name at random from the list. Please only fill this form if you are personally interested in bringing him home, and only one entry per household. 

- - - Form has been deleted. Thank you for your entries.

The gentle giant, by Fig and me. 

I wish everybody good luck with this little fella, he is sweet and playful and I know he will become such a good playmate. I will see you all tonight! Now I have to go and follow Ethan around the yard all day, but I am not complaining!. 

* * Thank you all adoring families, who volunteered to wake up early and take Mr Ethan on his many daily adventures. He has found a home, and if all goes well, should start the beginning of his life journey soon. Now I must head back to the studio and work on my sweet custom boy (the source of inspiration for many of these rambunctious boys!), a figlette girl who insisted she was to be made this week and a few other surprises. Sleep tight!. 

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