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A box full of treasure.


As I told you yesterday, I found some treasures for Louna. I gave them to her yesterday and this is how I found the whole thing this morning. She must have been busy.

-a spool of velvet ribbon was unwound--is she telling me wants some ribbon like this on her cape?

-some cookie cutters were brought out--perhaps she wants to bake today!

-the swatches of tea-dyed fabrics along side the deer buttons--maybe she wants something else made with them?

-a lovely written note-how thoughtful!

-pressing the patchwork on her lovely blanket-maybe she wants to help quilt it?

The antique wooden toy box will slowly be filled with all sorts of treasures made by Louna and by me. Her clothes will certainly fit in it, and a few other girly necessities. The small wooden clothespins, that help her line dry her garments, are waiting for now inside a small wooden trinket box that my friend Shannon gave me last year. The yarn ball is at the ready, waiting to be pulled and made into lovely things for her. I am loving, and seriously relishing, every single moment that I get to work on this doll. Even writing about her makes me happy.

The first item of the day was to finish working on her quilt. Once we have backed the top, and stuffed some cozy wool inside, then we will proceed to hand-tie little bows on it. She wants tassels, I say pompoms. She wants pleats, I say ruffles. She says stripes and polka dots together please, and I say dark and muted. She says I'm hungry, I say me too. But before all of that happens, we do have to take some floppy bunnies to the post office and cook some dinner. Then the night is all ours, to work on her bedding. It is lovely working at night, I forgot how fulfilling it is to work with a quiet house, without the rush of having to finish to get food on the table, or pick a child from school; without having to answer the phone or the door. Just you, your doll and your hands happily working.

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Now I really need to go and pack those bunnies. See you tomorrow with more of sweet Louna. Will her quilt be ready by tomorrow I wonder? Would she like to come and say hi? I don't really know. I am just the dollmaker.

Are you ready?

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