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Taunting Spring with Carnation Pink


So yes, a little late as usual, I have finished my last three velveteen rabbits. Oh! I do love them. If only the velveteen was a bit easier to work with I would keep on making them. But for now, these tired hands, and this sneezy nose (those velveteen puffs get everywhere!) are going to take a break from handling this soft and slightly nappy fabric, and dedicate themselves to more woven endeavours. 

I made two bears. Oh! the tale of these two bears. Last night I threw a tantrum and decided that I would finish them at some point later. You see, there is a doll, a very special doll, that is just taunting me and is asking me with all her heart to work on her, and nothing but her...but I wanted to finish the bears, and the bears were cajoling with the doll and making things difficult, and the doll kept asking, and the bears kept duping me. So I gave up. Who am I to slow the progress of a doll? Who am I to call the shots in the sewing room? Obviously, being the human in charge of the sewing machine and the sharp needles means absolutely nothing to these toys. They call the shots. And so once more, I nod my head in appreciation and recognition, and proceed to make myself available.

And I do know I shouldn't complain of being taunted. I do my fair share, here and there. At the moment, I am teasing Spring. Teasing with all my might. We buy flowers, we bring lemons and make yoghurt cake with lemony glaze. We dye fabrics and try do dry them in the few bits of sun hours. We are teasing, and taunting, and having a dance so old, so ancient, that it almost feels like a ritual. The muddy entrance, the sluggish boots, the absence of down jackets in exchange for wooly sweaters and perhaps a vest. Oh yes! the dance of Spring. Of early Spring.

So without much further ado, I should inform you, eager rabbit friends, that they will be up for sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM EST. Price is $58 USD plus postage charges, and you won't see me making any more for quite a while. My tinkering hands want to try to make a different animal now, and so we have to let the bunnies romp and be happy for some time. The place to buy them will be through my Etsy shop.

Today I spent the most marvellous and wondrous Sunday. I visited an antiques market, full of treasure. I did come home with some wee gifts for this mysterious and willful doll of mine. She was most pleased to see the loot. We will now put the rabbits in their cozy basket, awaiting their time to find a home, while in the mean time Louna and I get busy. Oh! do we ever need to get busy! Piles of sun and tea-dyed fabrics await us, polishing and cleaning, clothes that need to be hemmed, buttons that must be chosen, toys that 'need be' stuffed, pillows and blankets, and above all, stories that must.be.written. 

I wish you a lovely Sunday, full of magic, flowers and treasures!.

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A box full of treasure.

A flurry of wee ones.