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A flurry of wee ones.


I tricked you!. Did you think, by reading that title, that I had made more snowflake babies? Sadly no. But I did make cashmere sweet wee bunny babies and I think you will approve. Oh! these hands are sore, and I still have to finish the rest of the british cousins!. But you know what? things are definitely much easier with a cup of tea, a snowy day, and soft warm fabrics in your hands while you whittle away the enormous pile of work to do.

All these soft babies are made with 100% cashmere, the softest of the soft I tell you. And they are stuffed with wool to a firm but squishy level of goodness and cuddliness. Their perky ears are ready to hear all sorts of tales and riddles, and their inquiring eyes are looking around for the place to call  home. 

These wee babies, approximately 8 inches tall, will be popped into the shop tonight Thursday March 14 at 10 PM EST. Their individual price is $58 USD plus postage. I won't have any more of these babies for another month (I always like to give my hands a break from making them), but during the weekend you will see the rest of the velveteen british cousins: two teddies and three rabbits (I will announce their update time as soon as I am ready). I hope you can grab a wee baby for you or your little one, if not, then we can meet again in one month's time. Thank you for coming to check these fluffy fellas. I will put a few more photos of them in my flickr Gallery. Good bye!.

Taunting Spring with Carnation Pink

Not so wee wee.