Them wee ones.

five and one missing...

I always forget. I always forget. Making wee dolls takes almost as much time as bigger ones. Why? Don't know. It just does. Perhaps is that you have to make neater seams, fuddle more turning things inside out ( seriously! I had to use eyebrow tweezers to turn their dresses...), use smaller hooks to make their wigs, sew with tinier stitches, make wee eyes, etc. They do turn out lovely thank goodness, but every time while I am making them I swear that I am going to retire this pattern size, and lo and behold! Once I see them finished is love-fall-on-your-head all over again. Hopeless.

So, it is with a heavy (full of pride and love) heart that I announce their update tomorrow Wednesday October 16th at 10 AM EST in my SHOPPE. Price will be $180 USD plus postage. They all wear a hat, a dress and undies!. There is one more sister, number six, who encountered surgery at the hands of the doll maker; she is well and in recovery and will be offered as a special newbie-only via comment style here in the blog in a few days. I leave you now to put all these girls to bed, they are all very excited about tomorrow. Hope you can bring one of these wee ones home!.

Posted on October 15, 2013 and filed under dollmaking.