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The crochet cobbler

Frida and Marcelino, by fig&me. 

These two left me this week. Oh the tears! While I am extremely happy that they are going to be loved, and they are heading to their family (at last!), I did postpone the departure as much as possible. Took my time making sure all of Frida's clothes had no little threads hanging, that the buttons were sewn securely, that all her shoes had all threads woven in nicely, you know the drill. Blushed her cheeks one more time, re-braided her hair, gave her a great big hug and inside the box she went. 

Marcelino is one of the softest dolls all around I have made in a while. His hair is so fuzzy, his clothes so soft, and he was stuffed to a consistency that makes you broody just to hold him. I was very happy when Marcelino found his home, next to Frida, as they got to hang out together, telling each other stories, tickling themselves silly, and both very comfortable knowing that they wouldn't be traveling alone but together. I love when my dolls travel with companions. 

Marcelino and Frida, by Fig&me.

Brother and sister, by Fig&me

Now, these two have quite a few Fig&me sisters waiting for their arrival. And one of them placed quite an order for the cobbler in this house. Miss Cherry Charlotte seems to have acquired a passion for shoes and dress-up, and we were able to supply her with a rather varied foot wardrobe. I can almost see her now, trying on all her new shoes and modelling for her Mom and sisters. Frida asked to wear a pair on her way home and who can say no to her? not me.  

The doll cobbler, by Fig&me.

Now, I have to go and tend to my little flock of dollies. They are getting a bit impatient with me, because the weather has been so beautiful that I can't seem to sit still and work on them as much as they want to. Raking those beautiful yellow leaves has put me in some sort of trance, and my eyes wander outside way too often. It can't be helped, it's the Fall. I hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as I am enjoying mine.

 (I do plan to watch a movie or two tonight, so maybe those wee dollies will have proper clothes to be introduced tomorrow...cross your fingers!). 

Them wee ones.

The needles of the faeries