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Cherry Charlotte and Cerise, her bunny

Well today they are finally ready to meet you. Phew! these two were hard to finish if only because it was so much fun to play with them, and figure out what else to make for them, that I think I was slightly "taking my sweet time". But I won't hold them any longer, here they are.

Cherry Charlotte is a 21" tall Figlette, with a new hair style. Very life-like and soft, she will bring many hours of play due to the loveliness of those curls and her sweet smile. She is about 5 years old, and is a bit precocious. Knows many "complicated" words, and loves to read at her young age. Any story with a rabbit in it is bound to be a total success. She wants to be a scientist when she grows up...not entirely sure what scientists do,  but she seems to believe they are the ones in charge of taking photos of insects and measuring them up. Zoologist I keep telling her, but she denies it. She insists on calling herself a scientist.

Cherry has a life-long friend that goes by the name of Cerise. She is a rabbit made of llama fibre and wool (but don't tell her). Cerise is very graceful and charming, however, she is a bit shy and likes to entertain Cherry almost exclusively. Don't take it personally, its just who she is. Cerise agrees happily to any sort of game that comes out of Cherry's imagination; this bunny is not afraid to be a prisoner, a knight saving a princess, or even a scary witch. All in the name of love!

Cherry Charlotte and Cerise are ready to find a new home to belong to, to find new adventures and new horizons. I can tell you one thing, I have spend the most lovely hours creating them, and I hope that all that good energy seeped into them and they bring you lots of joy. I have enjoyed them so much that I am sure they will bring happiness to wherever they go.

Cherry Charlotte, like I mentioned, is a 21" tall Figlette made of all natural materials, and she is most appropriate for a child 5+. She comes with the following clothes:
-Fancy set. Dress with puffy sleeves, lace, and silk covered buttons, plus a matching hat. Her shoes fit this outfit perfectly and these are made with linen/cotton yarn and same silk buttons.
-A purse with a wooden button
-Nighclothes. A set of pyjamas made of cotton, with pearl snaps and a bit of lace. Very comfy in a lounge style.
-Play set. A linen top with pin tucks on front and crochet lace, pearl snap on back. A pair of cotton long bloomer shorts.
-A crochet rabbit, by the name of Cerise. This little rabbit is wearing a topless dress with elastic for easy fit and torsion lace at bottom. She also has a pair of matching mary janes that are removable and close with wooden buttons.

Now, if you would like to bring them home, please a leave a comment in this post, with your NAME, your EMAIL, and your COUNTRY. This is so I can select a name, have the means to contact them, and what kind of shipping quote I need to send.

I will select a person to purchase them tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM EDT. The price is $589 USD plus shipping. Thank you for coming to read about them, and for considering giving them a home. Good luck! See you tomorrow.

I have emailed the selected buyer already, and with a bit of luck these two will start a wonderful journey soon. Thank you so much for offering your home to Cherry and Cerise, they were very impressed with so many families wishing to bring them home. 

Now all I need to do is finish sweet "Crabapple Jam" and this dollmaker will be very happy with her progress this week. Have a good day.

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