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Mornings are simple, and easy going. She wakes up with that look on her eyes, the "one more minute song". Then she reads for a bit on her bed, fluffs her pillow, plays with her toys. Starts to get antsy about the day that is just beginning and she is now ready for me.

We talk a little about what I need to do, and what she wants to do. She wants to play pretend, she will be the Princess, and I will be the dragon. But who will come and save you? I ask. Cerise! she answers. Ah yes! Cerise, if we could only find little Cerise (buried under piles of fabric and elastic at the moment...she was a pirate prisoner yesterday).

--Do you mind hopping out of your jammies so I can dress you Charlotte?
--But I don't want to.
--Come on, I promise I have something pretty for you to wear.
--You made my jammies so comfy that I want to wear them forever. Until there is nothing left of them. Can I do that?
--Well, I suppose you can...but that is going to take forever and I kinda need to get the ball rolling...how about you get out of your PJs and I make you a smoothie?
(sometimes life is so simple!)

We are going to a play date, because very soon you will be ready to meet your new family, I tell her.
Who is this new family? she asks.
Well, I don't know yet. But I am sure someone out there is just waiting for a little doll like you, with floppy arms and that cute smirk of yours. Someone out there, we don't know where, we don't know who, will open their arms to you and play with you, and toss your hair and change your clothes. Perhaps they will read to you, perhaps they will like to take you places. Perhaps you will keep them company in the long summer hours, and you will inspire them or bring them memories of their own childhood. Perhaps a little girl will be very happy to be your best friend, and she will play Princess with you, what do you think?

--It all sounds very interesting, but I am hungry.
--Allright, allright. Lets go make that smoothie and lets be on our way. Tomorrow we shall dig Cerise out of the bin and see what she is all about. Lets go!

Cherry Charlotte and Cerise, her bunny

I have clothes now