I have clothes now

Actually she has a few outfits. But today we tested out outfit number one.
Her fancy dress, with gathered front just under the square bib.
Puffy short sleeves with elastic.
Silk covered shank buttons.
Cotton hearts made in torsion lace around the neckline.
Bound with self bias.

Criss-cross linen/cotton shoes.
A 40's inspired hat, made with cotton and canvas...which she doesn't like because its a bit tight, but she looks so pretty!
And a handy purse, with popcorn stitch and a wooden button.
We will take her to dinner at Grandma's, where I am sure everyone is going to compliment her attire.
Now, if we could only find Cerise!!
Posted on June 3, 2012 and filed under collections2012, doll clothes, dollmaking, figlette, process.