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A new girl

Well, I actually have several ladies in line, but today is all about her. It has been all about her for a few days now.
What shoes to wear?
How much wool to put inside those pretty thumbs?
Should she have round thumbs or a bit more pointy?
What size of nose is she going to have?
What colour for her eyes?
Is she the lady with the rosy cheeks, that blush when a stranger says hello?
Does she wake up sleepy or full of energy jumping all over her bed?

Is she little or big?
Does she like tea or milk and cookies?
What are her favourite reads? Can she even read?
Is her loving bunny a boy or a girl?
Does the bunny needs clothes or not? shoes were a must.

What kind of lady is this? what little personality is emerging?
Is she loud and playful? quiet and shy? sit back and watches? joins in with lots of laughter?
Does she like bugs or snails? is she afraid of dogs or spiders?
What does her hair smell like when she comes home from playing?

Will she like the clothes I have made for her?
Will she give me a hard time about those pyjamas? and prefer to go to bed half naked?
Will she love bows or flowerets, dots or buttons?
Which is her favourite colour?
Will she keep taking her hat off?
Does she like braids?

All these little snippets of questions go through my head as I work on a doll. As I worked on this doll to be more specific. I always have a somewhat clear idea of the kind of doll I want to make, what I want her to feel like. But, little by little I get to know them. My initial thoughts go deeper, the wool plumps that cloth body, and a new girl is born.

Every single time I am amazed of it.

Although I make them, and everything that goes in them and with them, I can't quite believe it. Its like they suddenly appear before me, with this look on their eyes, that smile, like they were always meant to be like that. Like I had no saying or it never was really a decision to do this or that. Quite magical is this adventure in dollmaking. And I smile, knowing that I am only not alone, but in good company. In lovely company. My friend Gabi taught me, with her beautiful and mellow voice, how to use the mohair in a way that I didn't want to smash my head against the wall (and also curl perhaps for a few years the terrible hand pain derived from using a crochet hook with a feverish stroke). I have used mohair this way before, but it was always such a struggle, but no more! thanks to my dear friend who with a stroke of genius devised a much simpler, effective, and sturdy way. Expect many dolls with luscious hair like Cherry in the near future (which is by the way, all mohair, including her cap), and she is a 21" tall Figlette. Off to play with her!

I have clothes now

Sad and downtrodden, but hopeful.