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Sad and downtrodden, but hopeful.

I know! And this is probably a very infuriating post, so if you do not wish to go on the bus do not read.

I have received so many emails over the last couple of days. I thought I explained myself quite clearly on the reasons behind doing these sets (Story Time) and why I was offering them via auction. I wasn't trying to be underhanded, or sneaky. I clearly stated that I can't afford to donate all the money to the charity of  my choice, and that in order to be able to do this over the summer (and contribute hopefully a combined amount that was to make a difference), I needed to keep the retail price of the set and donate whatever extra the auction brought.

The auction started on Monday at 6 in the afternoon. It ended on Tuesday at 1 in the afternoon. The last bid was entered on Monday night, and the person never paid. An email was sent as reminder, and the account was flagged on Hyena cart. This account has no feedback at the moment (no paypal address, no shipping address and no name) so my only guess is that it was open with the express purpose of falsely bidding on this auction. I can't even begin to grasp the kind of person who would do that. What kind of sadness and emptiness someone must have to go through life doing such things.

After quite a depressing afternoon, and night (I did go to bed early because I just couldn't deal with this) I woke up with a different outlook on this. Last night I was determined to go through the summer and not make any of these sets, for which I had already bought supplies, sketched, prepared fabrics and dreamt about. You see, my intention from the beginning was to auction these sets and donate it to Care. I just don't have the time to put myself at the mercy of someone playing with this, and duping everybody out who is genuinely interested in purchasing the set. More accounts can be opened, more time can be wasted. And the one thing I do not have is free time, or time to be wasted.

But today I feel rather different. I feel it wouldn't be fair to those families I wanted to help out. What is one ill-intentioned person against the good will of others? It wouldn't be fair to those mothers who need someone to help them be self-sufficient in order to be able to work and support their families. It was my intention to help them, through what I do, which is beautiful handcrafted dolls. Dolls that encourage play and make people feel happy. If some of that happiness can be transmitted to others in dire need, then I will have to take other measures in order to achieve my goal, and not let the sadness and pettiness of others get in the way.

I am still not sure what is going to happen or how it will all pan out. But one thing is for sure, the auctions won't be public. I would very much appreciate any ideas or solutions you may have.

Than you for reading. I go to work with a very heavy heart.

**Thank you everybody for your kind words for me. I will get to answer all your emails soon, I promise! In the meantime, I was told that this account wasn't created with the sole purpose of ruining my auction, as it was active long before that. That is a small bit of relief for me, as I don't feel this was some sort of target practice, and I don't feel personally attacked. It does bring some light into the whole thing. I also contacted yesterday morning the second highest bidder, as I should have, and that person proceeded then to match the high bid and purchase the set, so we are all taken care of in that regard. The simple reason I didn't write about this yesterday is because I was waiting to hear back from this person when I wrote my post. Thank you to all that offered to purchase the set to make things right, your input, kind offers and words of encouragement are very appreciated.

I have also received a lot of emails with different suggestions on how to conduct this tricky business, and I will have to sit down and decide which will work best for me, and for those willing to participate. I will give more warning time next time around, and also will explain how it will all work out. There is much to do, but like I mentioned, I am hopeful that this will work and I will be able to do that which I intended: donate to CARE.

The next set in line is Brier Rose, or Sleeping Beauty as some of you know her. I will also, when time comes, explain why I chose these fairy tales and what they each mean to me. Thanks again for coming here and giving me your support!.

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