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In the morning

Amelie likes to visit the garden first thing in the morning. Clothes seem to be optional. Although I have to give her props for tying her hair in pigtails (albeit in different places...is hard for little wool-filled arms to do their own hair styles) and wearing shoes. And again with my blanket. 

She asked for a velvet bow for her undies. Most of my dolls don't like to pose in their underwear, but every now and then comes a doll that is like a force of nature. The word "no" is almost unheard of for them, or they just plain don't listen.

I like adding little details to their clothes, things to look at, to pinch or twist in your fingers. Buttons and bows, bits of ribbon, a little change of colour in their shoes, a puffy braid mixed in their hair, those are the things that make doll-making so appealing and exciting for me. 

Amelie loves the sun, loves the garden and loves the trees. So she is quite at home outside, enjoying the summer weather in her undies. I try not to stare too much, I don't want to make her self-conscious; but she does look very cute in just her underwear. Ok, Amelie, now is time to come inside and wear a proper outfit, shall we?
Off we go, to meet our day. Hope yours is starting awefully nice as well as Amelie's. 

It almost smells like Fall already

The magic house

The magic house