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It almost smells like Fall already

The day turned out great, and towards the end the air was charged with the crispness of a nice fall day. But it is only August, I thought to myself. Oh, who cares? I can enjoy a crispy afternoon with a smile, as the Fall is my favourite season. No wonder Amelie's fall outfit was the first one to come out of my hands. 

A pretty medallion blouse, in my favourite color: mustard. With pink roses and brown linen. Peter pan collar and a little bit of linen lace. Her pink button. A stripe linen long skirt, comfy but pretty. Her fall maryjanes. And a matching barrette. Amelie is dressed in style. 

Her merino/silk hat was her add-on of choice. I seem to be loving knitting this kind of hat as of  lately, one of my most favourites for the dolls. It is so soft, and Amelie looks a bit grumpy wearing it, but she does love it. At least she said so. Perhaps she is too nice to let me know she loves more to have her hair to the wind? Well, when the weather turns chilly she will for sure appreciate to have something this cozy to cover her ears.
Oh Amelie, you are such a Fall vision! I wish you stayed put for five more minutes so I could take  more pictures of you, but I know you want to go off and play. So maybe tomorrow? Off she goes, that wild thing!.  At least she is wearing clothes today.

Giggles of spring

In the morning