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Giggles of spring

Did you say you liked pink, Amelie? Well good thing, because today we have a beautiful dress for you to wear. What is that? Oh no, I don't care if you get dirty. I will wash it if need be before you need to get home. Don't worry, we won't tell your Mom you have been playing in the wood pile with your pretty clothes.  

Well, of course you can help! But that chunk of wood is a bit too big, even for me. So why don't you come with me, let's look around the garden for signs of visitors, would you? That's my girl!. 

Amelie is wearing her Spring outfit. A pretty pink dress with square neckline, flutter sleeves trimmed in lace, a strawberry button, and linen bloomers. I offered a bonnet, she said "no way Jose". She does like to feel the wind on heir wispy hair, so I perhaps still make her a bonnet but tuck in her bag when I send her home. I feel an outfit like this must have a bonnet, don't you agree? 

Are you hungry now? Me too. Let's get inside and fix something delicious to eat. I bet those two sleepy heads will be out of bed soon, and then we can play with them all day. The little one likes to talk to you a lot, so we better think of some adventure to tell. Off we go, Amelie and me.  

(I hope her Mom is ready for an early morning adventure-seeking doll...operative words: early morning!)

Barefoot and happy

It almost smells like Fall already