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Eloise Velveteen, a Fig&me Bear Giveaway!


Well, what do you know? Instead of making more dolls, I decided to finish this wee velveteen bear and offer her up for grabs, as a warm and deep thank you to all of you for following my dollsmithing adventures.

Eloise Velveteen is a lady bear made with high-quality natural materials. She is made with lovely vintage velveteen and stuffed with wool, and is sporting a very fancy and rare Atsuko Matsuyama cotton print. She is jointed with pretty wooden buttons and has a tiny capelet to suit her fancy. Due to the jointed nature of her arms and legs, she is most suitable for a child 5+.


Eloise Velveteen is the first of a set of limited edition stuffed animals I plan on creating this year. I have a rather large piece of this wonderful velveteen and will keep on making them until I run out. They will all most likely have some fancy cotton to match and hopefully I can try my hands at an entire menagerie. Wish me luck.

So if you would like to bring this pretty bear into your home this is what you gotta' do:

1. Leave a comment in this post with your name and email address (so I can notify you if you win!). This enters you for the giveaway.

2. To increase your chances, you can do one of the following:

a) Blog about this giveaway on your blog, and link to this post (and let me know by sending me the link of course). This will grant you an extra entry.

b) If you have been a customer of mine in the past, please in your comment, link to the doll or toy (from the flickr gallery or my etsy store) that you purchased from me. Doing that will grant you an extra entry.

So as a total you can only have two entries. Let's make it fun! I will leave this Giveaway open until Monday January 28th at 10pm EST and announce the winner here. 


I have been wanting to do a Giveaway for ages, and finally the stars got in line for this one. I have to say I am super in love with Eloise (named by the younger fairy in this house) and we are all very excited to see who wins this lovely bundle of joy and whimsy. She is about 12" tall and shipping is on the house!

Comments are closed! My darling and adorable husband picked a number from the list and the winner should be receiving an email very shortly from us (please check your email!). The little faeries were not awake (sadly too late pass their bedtime) for this magical moment this time, but tomorrow they will get to help pack Eloise Velveteen to travel to her new home. Thank you so much for all your support and for entering this, my first 2013 giveaway. I am planning a little gift for everybody, and it will just be a little while before I have it all set up for you.  Thanks again!

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