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Three little kittens.


Eva (my doll) has found them. She has been nosing about in my studio, looked under piles'o fabric, moved baskets around, checked inside drawers, and she finally found them! She is too persistent. I try to keep the Wee Babies away from her, because she always looks at me with those big brown eyes, and I feel awful for not making her one. Don't get me wrong, she is a nice little doll and she certainly can have one, but she already has toys. Quite a collection of toys. However, she seems especially fond of these wee ones.

As you can gather, I am in the midst of finishing a batch of wee babies. These were all meant to make it to the shelves of my store back in December, but Scarlett and other Christmas presents got in the way. So I left many empty handed. I finally carved a little time to get them finished, so I will be having them up for grabs next Wednesday (January 23rd) at about 10pm EST in my Etsy store. They each cost $58 USD plus postage (approx. 8" tall).


I will be posting previews of them, so you can check them all out, over the next few days in my flickr gallery. If there is one that fancies your heart, then you can try to be there for the update time. If you can't make it, I will have some more before the triumphant entry of Spring. I am also working on some rather different little munchkins, they don't have animal ears like these ones, and they are much smaller, we will see if I get some sneaky time to myself so I can give them pretty hats and what not. It is always such a battle, deciding in which project to work: the three custom dolls in my studio, the wee babies, the in-process clothes for my children, the wee ones, the new cloth dolls, or new dresses and capes for the shoppe. It is all terribly exciting for me so I never complain, but I do wish the day came with 52 hours.


Today is a wintery, blustery day. We will most likely wear our pyjamas all day, although we won't manage to look half as cute as these cashmere babies. However, we will be cozy for sure. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday, spending time with your loved ones, reading something particularly chewy (I am reading this by J.R.R. Tolkien), and quietly sipping away whatever beverage of your choice to keep you moist and happy. Next week is turning to be quite interesting for me, so I will keep you updated. Happy weekend!.

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