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And Huckleberry findings.


Continuing with the borrowing of wondrous literary titles, I decided to call her overalls, Huckleberry Finn. Seems rather appropriate, as she boasts some of that energy and zest of life of the quintessential boy character. We also returned her hair to the messy bun affair, as she seems happier with it than with the properly tucked braids. Darcy is such a character. I am afraid to say it, but also proud of it.

I keep telling her she needs a shirt [or something!] under those overalls. She likes to pretend is summer already, and has quite the list of activities to tackle, while donning her overalls of course. All these activities will have to be embarked upon with her new Mom, as I will by then be busy with other dolls in the nest. She knows this and is trying to perfect her handwriting so she can write the list herself and show it to her new family. I sure hope she gets to try at least a few!

To grow big and tall like a corn stalk.
To find the smallest bug under a daisy.
To eat as many wild raspberries as possible in ten minutes.
To sail a wild river.
To learn to play hopscotch.
To pet a rabbit.
To make a crown with leaves and flowers.
To eat fresh milk.
To daydream on a big and fat tree branch.
To fly a kite.

This is her list. It sounds pretty awesome to me, coming from such a little doll. I think the overalls are a good match for said adventures, and once I finish her blouse she will be even more prepared. She did ask me not to make it "too girly". Who, me? never! I know I have a tendency to sweeten their clothes, but one has to have some creative freedom if one is to have fun. These dolls are getting too bossy for my taste!. Now I should go and try not to make a "too sweet" shirt for her overalls. Wish me luck. I have a tough day's work ahead of me, and the night is still young.


Three little kittens.

The pinafore, the cape and the bloomers.