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The pinafore, the cape and the bloomers.


I know that the title is completely borrowed from the Chronicles of Narnia, but it's just because I feel like I am really going through "the chronicles" with this little piece of pie! She can be so stubborn! This morning seeing how we were not going to get any kinder weather [unfortunately neither of us looks too kindly on sleet and freezing rain], and seeing that it was impossible to take some outside photos of her, well, she had a bit of a tantrum. I kind of feel her pain. Bribing her with more fabric didn't work, trying to dance with her and two other little girls proved a bit more successful, but the thing that sealed the deal was a big fat bowl of porridge. Have I told you that most of my dolls love porridge?, well Darcy is one of those. Porridge-worshippers, they sit and smell and make funny faces while they wait for it to cool down, and then they slop and slop and slop and make a royal mess...and sometimes even ask for more. With a bigger spoonful of butter please! they say.


Trying to explain to her that throwing tantrums is not a very good idea, especially where the weather is concerned, really serves no purpose with Darcy. I feel like she does better with guidance, than with words. If you grab her by the hand, and lead her away from her troubles, she seems to cope much easier with whatever is troubling her. Poor soul! She really, really wanted to go outside and try her new cape, and get her boots full of snow. "Not today" said King Winter.

We have been working so patiently on all her designs, and all her ideas are turning out beautifully {there has been some cursing, but not by her!]. First she wanted a long dress, that could also pose as nightgown. So we made her one with creamy muslin, bound neckline, puffy sleeves and three pretty buttons on the back. She likes pleats so I tried my best to put several on her outfit. Then to turn her dress a bit longer we added broderie anglaise to the hem. She loves the eyelets and likes the way it bounces she says. We added a pretty brass bow to make it a bit more dressy.


Then, since this is her play outfit, she wanted a pinafore. She chose something really crazy, and took some convincing to change to this pretty linen with bears on it. After seeing the colour for a few days, she became completely in love with it, and started picking everything else in the same shade. Lucky for me I had several things to offer in the same vein. Her boots were made with wool in this vintage mint, and also her cape. 

Now, her cape is made with vintage woven wool. So, so pretty, and such a pleasure to work with, that I am planning on making a few more capes for my store eventually, once Darcy is done with all her requests. We lined her cape with a pretty polka dot print in muted colours, that match her bloomers, her pini and her cape. And she picked one of my favourite trims: a marshmallow/pompom cotton edging for the circular collar of her cape. Sometimes I do wish my sewing extended to the human realm so I could make myself some of the things these dolls get to wear!


We are already hard at work on her fancy dress outfit, and a set of overalls she requested. Maybe I will convince her to wear a hat. I tried to make her a matching bonnet for the cape but she refused. Hopefully it will get colder, and then she will see the need for such an important winter accessory. Don't you think that dolls with a matching hat are just too cute? I love hats and never leave my house without one.

So for now, I am happy to report Darcy has stopped her tantrums. She is getting dressed, and it won't be long before we can send her home. Like I have mentioned before, Darcy is a custom 21" Figlette, and we are all very pleased and excited to make her acquaintance. See you soon!


And Huckleberry findings.

Two swords.