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Elderflower and Rowanberry, two natural dolls ready for play.

Elderflower's handknit maryjanes, natural doll by Fig&me

Yes, unfortunately for me, fortunately for you, these two little babies are ready to find a family of their own. Let me tell you a little bit more about them, and then we will proceed to the particulars, shall we?

First, I will properly introduce Rowanberry. She is the oldest of the two, by an hour or so. Rowanberry seems to take this fact quite seriously and seems to be the most "mature" in a sense, and by that I mean, she grabs her spoon much easily, sits straighter than her sister, and is starting to babble words already. She reminds me a little of me, as my mother continually reminds me how precocious a baby I was.

Rowanberry, a natural baby doll by Fig&me.

Rowanberry, a natural baby doll by Fig&me.

Like her name suggests, Rowanberry is very close in heart and mind to this beautiful tree. The Mountain Ash as we call it here in North America. She wanted a little dress to remind her of the cute little berries it sports during Autumn, with cozy boots and a pretty chapeau. I am a sucker for my dolls and whenever they suggest something to me I must proceed to make it happen. We chose a polka-dotted japanese linen for her dress, little stripe cotton bloomers in cream and brown, tall and red woolly boots, and a sweet elfish hat made in alpaca and silk with two hand-dyed pompoms, to forever remind her of the inspiration behind her creation.

Rowanberry, a natural baby-style doll by Figandme.

Rowanberry, handknit hat in alpaca silk by Figandme.

Rowanberry, a natural baby doll by Figandme.

Rowanberry hopes to find a family who enjoys nature and gives babies plenty of room to develop at their own pace and time. She hopes she can be taken out for walks in a stroller, at least until she can walk by herself, on a daily basis as she loves to admire clouds, the breeze-moving trees, little flowers at eye level and all the excitement and stimulation of the real world. Rowanberry promises to not make too much fuss about eating vegetables and she will be on her best behaviour and *try* really hard not to put everything in her mouth. 

Rowanberry, by Fig&me.

Now let us introduce her *younger* sister, Elderflower. She is made just the same as her sister, with wool, cotton and love, yet she is just a little different. There seems to be this aura of sweetness oozing from her and I don't even know where that comes from. As I was putting the finishing touches on her clothes, I looked up to my right and there it was: the elderflowers started to bloom. I had been waiting patiently for them and it seemed so magical to me that they bloomed yesterday. And then I knew why she was so sweet, because I was inspired by these beautiful blooms to create her. Pardon my sappy thoughts but sometimes my dolls make me cry and smile at the same time.

Elderflower, a natural baby doll by Figandme.

Elderflower, natural baby doll by Figandme.

Details of Elderflower doll clothes, by Figandme.

Elderflower is inspired by these creamy and white, elegantly perfumed, flowers of the Elder tree. Their scent is just there, so gentle, spicy yet sweet. So we chose carefully and mindfully for her clothes. A pure linen dress in cream, a pair of super fluffy cotton bloomers in peach polka dots, a set of hand-knit maryjanes (my first knitted ones!) also in cream, a sweet open bonnet made in alpaca silk (to match her sister's chapeau) and a cute necklace made of silk cocoons and leather twine. I cannot begin to tell you the giggles that Elderflower had when I tried to put the necklace on her, after several tries to eat it, we succeeded in dressing her for the photoshoot. She is a bit wriggly but with patience you will get ahead.

Elderflower, natural doll by Fig and me.

Elderflower, by Fig and me.

Elderflower, natural baby doll by Figandme.

Elderflower also wishes to find a nature-loving family with a penchant for floral arranging, so that she can constantly be surrounded by blooms. She is a bit of a menace, and crawling is her favourite thing. Please be mindful of pets, as she likes to sample everything around her. She is now used to wearing her necklace so I am positive there is no fear she will try to eat it. But still, you never know with babies. Always a watchful eye.

Both dolls are made in my baby-doll pattern, which has pronounced curves to their limbs, a very small torso, and fabric joins that allow their extremities to be moved and posed baby-style. They are made with swiss cotton, stuffed with wool, and they both have a chestnutty-brown crocheted mohair wig. Their simple faces are embroidered, to allow children and adults to imagine their expressions, and rosy cheeks and knees are blushed with red beeswax. They measure about 15" long and are not heavy at all, perfect for little arms to carry and tot around. I normally like to keep my baby dolls very simple, so I chose that kind of clothes and knitted items for them, simple yes, but forever classic. The dolls are sturdily constructed and will last many years of loving play.

If you wish to offer your home to one or both, please enter your details in the form below. Their price is $425 USD each plus shipping, taxes apply to Canadian residents. 

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Please remember to check your inbox tomorrow morning, and that payment is due upon invoice receipt. Good luck to those who wish to bring these little babies into their homes. Happy Father's Day!.

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