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Life is full of surprises.

Elderflower and Rowanberry, by Fig&me.

The day was hot and we just couldn't stay inside much longer. After days of rain, threat of rain, and nothing but rain, we ventured into the forest. We were anticipating mushrooms, and lots of them, perhaps new wildflowers blooming in the sunny patches, like prudent housewives. We also wanted to check out on the nest of an Eastern Wild Turkey we found last week and see how the hen was getting on. But lordy-lord, what we found out was even more magical and exciting than a brood of little turkeys.

Elderflower and Rowanberry, by Fig&me.

Elderflower and Rowanberry, by Fig&me.

We found them tucked away near a pretty boulder. They were playing with some twigs and trying to snatch leaves from a nearby bush. After we hovered over them excitedly, cautiously we decided to pick them up. We weren't quite sure what two sweet little babies were doing in the deepest part of the forest, all alone, with no clothes, nobody tending to them. So we adopted them immediately. They seemed very happy to come home with us so we figured it was our lucky day.

Elderflower and Rowanberry, by Fig&me.

We assumed they were children of the forest and we weren't quite sure what to feed them, as we have never entertained guests of such ranks in this house. My girls brought them apple blossoms and dandelion milk on mullein leaves and they ate it all pretty happy and beamed at us with pleasure only gained from a full tummy. I guess these two babies are not the fussy-eater kind at all!.

Elderflower and Rowanberry are their names and they are like two peas in a pod.

Elderflower and Rowanberry, by Fig&me.

Now I must contemplate the fun task of dressing such illustrious people in clothing that befits their heritage, but that is comfortable and cozy enough for two babies to play and grow into. We immediately grabbed linen, alpaca and silk for them and we all got busy stitching their little clothes. I hope we can show you soon the results of the hours of loving labour we have bestowed on their attire.

Once they are fully dressed they will write an open letter to the Universe to see where their true adoptive families live. We are but mere caretakers for the moment, and we are fulfilling our duties with a spring to our step and a smile on our face. See you soon!.

Elderflower and Rowanberry, two natural dolls ready for play.

Galanthus Nivalis, in knitted cashmere form.