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Galanthus Nivalis, in knitted cashmere form.

A soft knitted set for your dolls, by Fig&me

I finally finished the knitted set I wanted to gift Fernanda as a parting gift. I used 100% cashmere yarn to knit with, and I believe I am thoroughly ruined for life. The way the little stitches cling to each other, while at the same time being the lightest, most fluffiest of knitted loops, it's just a beauty to behold. I will forever be grateful to my Fairy Godmother, who sent me this special skein of yarn all the way from Austria. In a nod to both our fascination with plants, I named the set Galanthus Nivalis, the scientific name for Snowdrops, a flower I was terribly mystified by until I moved to Southern Ontario and they bloomed like crazy in my backyard.

Poet models Galanthus Nivalis, by Fig&me.

Now Poet, over here, is starting to get very "grabby" with the clothes that come out of my hands. She persuaded Fernanda to let her model the set for me, and now she won't take it off.

I had to wait until I sent her to bed, to quietly take the cape and hat away, patting it while I was lightly folding it. I am really in love with it. I had the fortitude this time to take notes as I made it, so it is now available as a pattern you can knit with.

I inverted the lace from the hat to create the ripples of the short cape, I would like to say it was on purpose but it was an actual mistake. When I was finished I loved the results so it will stay like that. 

A soft and creamy knitted set (hat and cape) by Fig&me

Poet wears Galanthus Nivalis, by Fig&me.

I think Poet looks a bit like a princess or an elf when she wears it. I'm going to have to go and buy some more of this yummy yarn and make her one because she won't get over it…and neither can I. I am super happy with how it came out, and will pack it away for Fernanda. She looks amazing when she wears it. 

**On other news, I am working on a pair of little 14" babes. I am about to sew their clothes so it won't be long before they are ready to find a family. If you are on the look out for adopting a 14" cloth baby, then by all means keep a watchful eye on the blog. They will become available this week. 

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. I get to dream and play with knitting needles, linen and creamy cottons plus my sewing machine, all day!. Life is treating me so well.

Life is full of surprises.

The doll dressmaker.