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Pomona, who loves the birds.

Pomona, a day full of fun (via Fig and me)

The day started dark and full of rain. Ominous clouds kept telling us that we might not get the chance to go outside, with no proper rain boots or umbrella to brave the torrential rains. At last, the clouds broke and after letting the earth and plants rejoice in the fresh deluge and soak most of it, we went on a garden exploration.

Pomona after the rain, by Fig and me.

Pomona, all dressed up, ventured out the door. She looked this way and that, asked the names of several small wildflowers growing by the side, inspected all crannies under the fence, and got the chance to see some nature treasures.

Pomona wears her crochet shoes with wooden buttons, by Fig and me.

Pomona wears her shawl and finds a robin's egg (via Fig and me)

First, she found a tiny robin’s egg and immediately requested to get it out of danger and into one of our nests. We have a small collection and we usually play with them, inspect their construction and marvel at the little works of art. We picked the smallest nest and set the robin’s egg inside it. Pomona loves, absolutely loves, birds. She got a little sad that the egg fell or someone stole it out of its nest. We couldn’t find where it had fallen off, so we decided to bring it inside for a future nature study for the little girls. 

Sweet Pomona, by Fig and me.

Pomona playing in the garden, by Fig and me.

Then we decided to go and visit our blossoming apple trees. We have four, two extremely old, which we call Grandma and Grandpa, a younger one (with no name as of yet) and a little one that last year produced one apple. After today’s excursion I’ve decided to name it “Pomona’s tree”. While we were admiring the little blossoms and talking about all the applesauce, apple butter and delicious cider we will get to make off the older trees, two little chickadees decided to grace us with their presence. We were ever so quiet, looking at them and marvelling at their gracious movements. We felt truly privileged to get to see them so close, seeing as they always scurry away so quickly. Pomona was beyond herself excited and finally couldn’t hold it in any longer so the chickadees fled.

Pomona finds apple blossoms and chickadees, by Fig and me.

She got a little adventurous and started goofing off, climbing branches, fences and being crazy. I sensed maybe it was time to head to greener pastures so we headed to the side of our garden to pick a little red elder (?) and lungwort because she wanted to make a bouquet. As we were picking the little flowers and wrapping her shawl around her, we both got a little quiet. Taking all these photos meant Pomona was ready to find a family, her time in this home had come to an end, and as bittersweet as that is, I couldn’t have it any other way. My wish for her is to find someone who loves her, who plays with her and takes delight in her quirky but sweet nature. My sweet Pomona.

Pomona in the garden, by Fig and me.

Pomona's clothes, by Fig and me.

Pomona with her little bouquet, by Fig and me.

Pomona and the flowers, by Fig and me.

Pomona is a 20” tall Petite Fig. She will become available for purchase tomorrow night via auction. If you would like to participate it will be open to bids for 3 hours, starting at 7 PM EDT and ending at 10 PM EDT. Thank you so much for coming to see her, for cheering and for supporting my work. I will see you all tomorrow.

Pomona under her apple tree, by Fig and me.

Her beautiful hair, by Fig and me

Pomona, my love. By Fig and me.

So please follow this link to visit her auction listing. If you have questions in regards to how it all works out, don't hesitate to contact me, I will be very happy to assist you. 

Pomona, a petite fig available via auction on Indiecart.

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