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A little ride.

The sleigh for Ewa, by Fig & Me.

Look at that gorgeous wooden sleigh my husband has made for Ewa. That little girl is so very spoiled, and I wonder if that is going to tarnish her personality. You know how they say that you mustn't spoil children or they get rotten? Well, I think we are well beyond that with Ewa because she gets whatever she wants around here. She has all of us in the palm of her wee cloth hands. 

Ewa pulling her wooden sleigh, by Fig and Me.

Ewa pulls her sleigh, by Fig and Me. 

Of course she grabbed a pelt to sit on, put on her wool shoes, wrapped her long scarf around her neck and her fur ear muffs and out she went. For a ride, she said. Well, if you really want to ride it I suppose I have to pull it, I said. She was bummed at this lack of power, and wondered wether we could find a bear or unicorn to pull it. After shutting down her suggestions we went out. 

Ewa sits on her sleigh, by Fig and Me. 

We discussed the sleigh and scouted the area for a few hills in which to slide. Fun was had by all. We talked about the different species of wood Derek used to create her sleigh: apple for the very top, plus maple and purple heart with walnut on the bottom. She loved seeing all the different colours and textures of the wood, the grain and the techniques he explained to her. She was very attentive and interested in all his explanations. I think she liked hearing the thought that went into it, even though she has no idea how many days it took him to create it and will never really comprehend the artistry, passion and skill that goes into making such a thing, she sure can grow to love it and appreciate it. Her very own sleigh.

Ewa and her sleigh, by Fig and Me. 

We are almost done knitting her jacket, and perhaps we shall make her a pair of long socks to keep those little legs warm. After that Miss Ewa will be ready to find her home. We will offer via auction, early this coming week, date and time to be determined. I really hope we haven't spoiled her rotten.

2015 First Custom spot.

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