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Next to skin.

The morning is so bright little Ewa, we must get up. Oh, I have never seen such rosy cheeks so early in the morning. I do have a surprise for you! The seamstress worked until the late hours gathering venetian lace, sewing glass flowers and lining a little cotton batiste slip for you. Come, let me show you!

Cotton batiste slip for little Ewa, by Fig and Me. 

Venetian lace and little glass buttons, by Fig and Me. 

Look at how the sun lights your hair on fire! by Fig and Me. 

It felt a little mean to be making you a batiste slip with such frigid temperatures, but do not despair my little one. There are more clothes coming in, this is your "next to skin" layer. After making your cotton underpants and your slip with such a pretty lace, then we will work on warmer clothes. Maybe leggins, and boots. Yes! and perhaps something knitted as well, I wonder what colours you will like? Cream and gold? sounds about right to me. 

My little Ewa, by Fig and Me. 

And we must do something about your hair. Maybe a hood or a cloak or at least a hat. I do ponder what you are going to look like with a hat, seeing that your have such bouncy curly hair. Oh well, we better get started. The day is young. Come with me Ewa, into the studio we go. The light is brilliant and the children are reading. Maybe we can sneak an hour or so away. 

A little ride.

Just the way things are.