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The doll dressmaker.

Little Pomona in her new dress, by Fig and me.

This little lady requested, very kindly, a new dress to go home. We broke out the florals from the shelf, pondered wether voile or chambray were nice weights for a summery dress, started a whole heated conversation regarding what size the flowers ought to be, and settled on the quaint little number above (and below).

New floral dress for Pomona, by Fig and me. 

Since her first linen dress had more of an A-shape with oversized pockets, we settled down on the timeless cross-over dress with ample gathered skirt. We contemplated puffy sleeves, short sleeves with elastic, or even cap sleeves; in the end we decided something half-way, not quite puffy, not gathered, and not too short for the sleeves. As mentioned before, Pomona likes to wear very comfortable but pretty clothes. Nothing that slides off her shoulders, or is too tight, just right. Simple but very pretty.

Pomona modelling her new dress, by Fig and me.

A tiny wooden button and some bright and cheerful cotton lace were added as details and we were both more than happy with the results. She says she is now ready to leave and meet her family, and while I will miss her terribly, I know she is going to be welcomed by very kind and loving hands, so I am happy for her. 

Farewell my dear, don't forget to write!

Galanthus Nivalis, in knitted cashmere form.

The fog.

The fog.