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Asia and Renata, two natural fiber art dolls ready to play.

Asia and Renata, two natural fiber art dolls ready to play.

Giggles were heard until the wee hours of the night, tickling and teasing each other, two little girls were much too excited to sleep. 

Renata and Asia, two Petite Figs by Fig and Me. 

Renata and Asia, two Petite Figs by Fig and Me. 

Asia: "Do you think we will get to live close to each other? That would be grand, wouldn't it? 'Magine that!".

Renata: "Who knows…but we can always write. You do know how to, right?" (giggles a little to herself…Asia is a most accomplished writer, with several published volumes in the village newspaper).

Asia: "Ha! You big jerk! I am most concerned about your god-aweful handwriting. I don't think I can muster enough energy to get through another one of your written grocery lists. But for the sake of keeping in touch with your big old head, I must."

Renata: "Well, what I do wish to know, is who is going to keep track of your newfangled contraptions? Those things on your face? It's been two days and I have had to dig'em up from all sorts of places. Unimaginable places. Nooks where not even mice dare to hide their most precious treasure!. I do wonder, how do you manage to get them lost so easily, and to such faraway locations?".

Asia: "Truth be told, I hate these things. They do nothing for my looks, not that is something I'm worried about. But still, one has to keep a sense of pride in life and these things just make me look drab. Old. Sad."

Renata: "Shush! The very idea! You get such dotty notions in your head at times, I do have to wonder. Silly girl. The doctor says you have to wear them or your headaches are going to get worse. Health or beauty, you choose. Choose wisely!".

Asia, a Petite Fig art doll by Fig and Me. 

Renata, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. 

Asia: "Well, obviously I choose health! Do you think I am one of those nutters that cares only about the shell they walk on? But still, do you think I look sad with these gold contraptions? Seriously…who thinks that gold glasses are a thing these days?".

Renata: "Shush! Fabs for one. She happens to think gold glasses are just the thing. Poor soul. She tried to get me to wear some, after she fell in love with your fetching figure wearing spectacles. I had to firmly disagree. As you know, telling Fabs "no" is a bit of a hindrance. She pouts and then doesn't finish your clothes. The things I have had to endure in order not to go about wearing glasses!. Not that they are bad, of course. They look most fetching on you! Of course."

Asia: "Ah! you big fat liar! And here you were, telling me health or beauty! You hypocrite!".

Dolly shoes make me happy. Worn by Asia, a Petite Fig by Fig and Me. 

Asia, a Petite Fig doll by Fig and Me.

Because all dolls need accessories! By Fig and Me.

And then they burst out laughing. Music to my ears truly. As you can tell, Asia and Renata are the best of friends. They love each other very much, and they even talk a bit cheeky to each other. Like true friends. 

They have been spending so much time together these last few weeks, that they started telling people they were cousins. They are not, but they hope to stay in touch over the summer, to keep up with each other's adventures before school starts again in the Fall.

They spend all night, with a relic flashlight (the thing weighs a ton and uses batteries with brazen fervour!), under crumpled sheets, reading bits of Harry Potter to each other. They are obsessed.

Next morning, I have two spectres walking around the kitchen, trying to fix a spot of breakfast for themselves, while the yawns in unison make them go into giggling fits. Again. They quote Harry Potter to each other, quiz each other, and always answer with some sort of spell when you have to face broken tools or unwanted visits.

Little embroideries on linen, my adventures continue. By Fig and Me.

Renata, a Petite Fig doll by Fig and Me. 

As you can see, they are both wearing similar outfits, because they just had to pick some of the same things, being so close to each other. Linen dresses, wooly capes (or whatever these things are called), cotton pointelle underpants, cashmere socks, merino shoes with leather accents, satchels, head gear, and ample under skirts. But they each had their own ideas.

Asia wanted a long dress, appropriate for a Yule Ball. So she picked an icy blue with brown embroidery and white french knots. Wanted something a bit warmer on the legs, so a dark chocolate linen with raw hem. She loves long socks, so hers reach all the way to the knees. Maryjanes in felted merino for her please. A wool knitted cape in simmered honey, to remind her of many afternoons at tea with Renata (and the colour of her hair, she said). A big satchel for many books, and a cozy cap with a tassel, because only smart people who know what they want wear tassels. Her words exactly. 

The other rascal, a bit more romantic, chose the pinkiest dress with a green leaf embroidery. To remind her of the Spring she spent with Asia. A cotton under skirt in ecru and cashmere shortie socks. All about comfort she chose slipper-style shoes with leather tabs for safety. A shabby chic satchel for her personal effects, and a wooly cape with icy blue, to also remind her of the dress Asia picked for her Yule Ball. As a last item, she picked a kerchief made of merino, and weighed down with a pebble inside a crochet bead and leather ties. 

Asia showing some leg! By Fig and Me.

Renata, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Asia, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

I have to say it's been a pleasure to have these two creatures in my life. They have provided much entertainment, albeit a bit tiresome to have so much yapping at night. I wouldn't change a thing about any of them, their messy hair, they big does eyes, their coy smiles. I hope you can welcome one in your life and that she brings you as much mischief and joy, as they have brought me. 

Renata (the blonde) and Asia (the one wearing glasses) are two Petite Fig dolls, made entirely by me. Asia is just a little taller than Renata, who is about 18" tall. Don't mention this to Renata, because she gets very cross!. They are wearing all the clothes pictures, which were made patiently by yours truly in my studio. They are made with cotton interlock, stuffed with wool, needle-felted sculpted features, and mohair weft sewn to a wool cap. Their hair is very sturdy and allows much play. They each have a wee smack of freckles, hand-painted and unique. They are recommend as dolls for children over 9 years old, or children at their very heart.

Asia and Renata found two lovely homes! If I dare say so, they might keep in touch after all. Thank you KINDLY to everybody that wrote the little girls a message, offered their home, and was willing to put up with the Harry Potter trivia. I love you all and feel incredibly grateful that you follow my journey and that you love my dolls as much as I do.

Renata, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Renata, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Asia, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

We wish you all the best of luck! Don't forget to check your email tomorrow, and I will try my best to keep these two entertained until then. I promised them pizza and a movie tonight. I guess I will be watching another Harry Potter movie…but I am not complaining!. 

Much love to all of you, for coming here and for reading about my girls. 

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