The bond of sisters is strong with these two, even though they are cousins. Or that's what they love to tell people at least.

Renata is a Petite Fig doll by Fig and Me.

Renata is a Petite Fig doll by Fig and Me.

I have been steadily working on four girls. Two of them were more eager than the rest. I have sat many afternoons with them, and we have drank tea, told each other our deepest secrets, hugged and overall enjoyed a great time together. 

My studio is a whirlwind of activity most weeks, but these last few weeks I have found myself very contemplative. I have been struggling a little to bring to fruition my ideas and I have encountered many roadblocks. To the point I couldn't even decide how to cut a dress. 

I sat there, staring at that pink linen, wondering if Renata would love a dress with a shorter bodice and very long skirt. Turns out she did. But it took us a whole week to be brave enough to get those scissors chopping. I wonder what it is, that is holding me back from working at my usual slightly-crazed speed.

Asia, a natural fiber art doll  by Fig and Me.

Renata, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me.

Asia, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. Wearing a long linen dress, and a wool shawl. 

Granted, there has been so much excitement over here in the last few weeks, that perhaps my heart is a bit tired from jumping all over the place. 

From agreeing to teach at a doll seminar next year (more on that later), to publishing a wee doll pattern, to all the things I am constantly working on "behind-the-scenes". Some days I wonder wether my chicken heart will be able to take it all.

I have always found though, that the mere act of making dolls has been very grounding to me. The slow process of knitting a simple shawl, the tedious task of sewing strands and strands of doll hair, the whirring of the sewing machine. That has always grounded my anxiety and given me a lot of peace in troubled or excited times.

These last few days though, I had to really quiet my head in order to work. I had to take deep breaths, look at these two little girls, and proceed with caution. I am not sure why, but maybe that is just what they needed. For me to not jump to conclusions, and just be a bit more quiet and listen.

Asia is a natural fiber art doll, by Fig and Me. 

Renata is a cloth art doll, made with all natural materials by Fig and Me. 

These two girls read quite an awful lot. You will find them most days lying on the grass, surrounded by piles of books and half-eaten biscuits. Messy hair, barefoot. Soaking sun, wind and bird song. I hope my heart calms down enough to finish them quickly, so we can find a good home for them. 'Til next time my friends!. 

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