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Finally it's here: the Wee Baby doll pattern.

Finally it's here: the Wee Baby doll pattern.

Are you looking to try your hand at waldorf dollmaking? Are you afraid to commit to a whole big doll, with needle-felting and clothes and hair? If you are a beginner, budding dollmaker, then this pattern is just the right thing for you. May I introduce you to the Wee Baby Doll Pattern by Fig and Me.

A Wee Baby is a cashmere-bodied little doll, stuffed with wool and made with great love. Find the pattern available on my shop. By Fig and Me.

I promised myself that I was going to have this sweet little doll available as a pattern, finally!, before Easter 2017 rolled around. Lo and behold, I made it. Two days before. Things are looking up over here.

Sleepless nights, much traveling and humming about, and here it is. For your sewing hands, you can now create a sweet 9" tall cashmere bundle of joy and fall in love with the tactile experience of rolling wool with your hands.

Using repurposed cashmere fabric (hunt something down in your closet or head to your nearest op-shop), a little bit of wool, some jersey for lining, and a few other specialty dollmaking supplies and you will be well on your way to creating this little creation.

The pattern is available as a PDF-download in my Etsy shop. It consists of 30 pages of pretty doll photos, a heartfelt origin story, and step-by-step instruction to create this cute doll.

The pattern comes with the bunny ears for now,  but I do plan on offering other versions of the Wee Baby for free, like lambs, bears, kittens, etc. in the very near future. We just wanted to get our feet wet and start easy.

A pensive little bunny. Wee Babies are made with repurposed cashmere and stuffed gently with wool. You can find the pattern on my shop. Made by Fig and Me.

Words fail me to express what putting this out there, in the big bright world, means to me. Many cherished dreams, a long and windy dollmaking journey, my anxiety and feelings of never-good-enough. I finally took the bull by the horns, and decided to start simple, with my Wee Baby dolls. 

This is a pattern for the beginner. The whole thing takes a little over two hours, if you work steady, without interruptions and plenty of drink and yummy sweets to see you through it. It is simple, touching, on point and cute. We managed to tick all the important boxes, didn't we?.

As will all my patterns, it is provided to guide you, to help you learn. Little by little I will start adding more to the roost, in the hopes that you can start with one like this one, and end up eventually learning all the techniques that I have amassed over 9 years of steady dollmaking adventuring.

Make a little Wee Baby Bunny with step-by-step instructions. Fig and Me patterns are simple and easy to follow. Find more info on my blog.

Fanfare, cake and wine please. It took seven years to take this pattern from the stage of feeling, to fruition. I am blessed to have seen many Wee Babies come from under my hands, and now it will be a true pleasure to see them come out of yours. 

If you happen to make one, please! don't forget to show me. I am going to be a mess and a puddle from now on. Do bear with me.

Without much ado, you can find the direct listing over here: FIG AND ME WEE BABY PATTERN.

Let the Wee Baby Party begin.



Ada and the spring cleaning.

Ada and the spring cleaning.