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And now, the Baby Layette Knitting pattern too.

And now, the Baby Layette Knitting pattern too.

I told you I was on a roll with those patterns. Mind you, I made this one in 2015 so no shame!. It only took me 3 years to actually publish it. If you could see the "vault" of patterns, tutorials and videos I have. It's embarrassing.

You can find the Doll Baby Layette Knitting Pattern booklet in my shop. Five beautiful and simple patterns to dress your 11" tall Baby Fig, by Fig and Me. 

Now, in my defence, there is always a missing part. I forget to write something, so I have to wait until I make another doll again to revise things. Stuff like that. And sometimes I get so wrapped up with the dolls, I forget again why I wanted to make them in that size again. Boloney.

But here we are, with the Baby Layette knitting e-book which contains 5 lovely patterns for your knitting hands. Come on in so I can gush about them.

Baby Layette Knitting pattern, to fit 11" baby fig. Pattern available via Fig and Me. 

So you will find 5 patterns in total. There are no instructions to make the sewn clothes (obviously) or the crochet shoes. But everything knitted is in there. So the clothes are:

1. Short Alls

Lovely short overalls, with knitted ties and six little buttons. The whole thing opens up like a diaper and fits super cute.

2. Dress

This wee dress has raglan short sleeves, opens fully at back and closes with two small buttons, had an added front pocket and picot hem.

3. Coat

This sweet asymmetrical coat also has raglan sleeves, but they are a bit longer than the dress, closes at front with three strategic buttons and is very wide, to fit over lots of layers.

4. Overalls

These have a bit of balloon effect, with extremely wide legs. Overalls are knit in stripe pattern, have two little buttons and crochet ties (but you can knit them if you want to, following instructions for short-alls).

5. Bonnet

What would babies be without their toppers? A simple pointy bonnet made in garter stitch, with a crochet bobble and ties. Adds charm like nothing else.

Exhibit A.

Balloon knitted overalls for your baby doll. Knitting pattern available from Fig and Me. 

Cutest short alls for your baby doll. Knitting pattern by Fig and Me. 

Now, I sized everything to fit my 11" Baby Fig, pattern that you can actually try to make yourself!, find it here>>>. But it might fit some of your other dolls as well. Some measurements to give you an idea of this chubby baby are: Doll is around 11" tall (lying on her/his back), with a 7" chest, 8" waist, 5" arms and legs. Pretty chubby.

So the clothes have a lot of ease. If you put them on thinner dolls they are going to look absolutely beautiful. Take my word for it.

Baby Layette Knitting pattern for doll clothes, to fit the 11" tall Baby Fig, by Fig and Me. 

I am going to pair the Knitting Layette with the Baby pattern as well, for those who are not that interested in making the Baby Layette Sewing e-book. I am so pleased with all these patterns I have now given you, and I am waiting like an expectant mother, just praying I get little glimpses of what you make with all of them.

But for now, this pattern adventure will be put on hold for a few months, while I dive into the world of my actual dolls again. I shall be back very shortly with two sisters who are quite enchanting, as well as will be looking for a home for Baby Kasja. Keep your eyes peeled. Never a dull moment chez Fig and Me. 


Kasja, a Baby Fig ready to play.

Kasja, a Baby Fig ready to play.

The Baby Fig pattern and Baby Layette sewing pattern, ready for your hands.

The Baby Fig pattern and Baby Layette sewing pattern, ready for your hands.