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The Baby Fig pattern and Baby Layette sewing pattern, ready for your hands.

The Baby Fig pattern and Baby Layette sewing pattern, ready for your hands.

Yes indeed. From my hands, and slightly crazy brain, to your loving hands. These two patterns are finally ready to be put to work, and I hope you all share with me.

Learn dollmaking with the Baby Fig doll pattern, which introduces you to needle-felting techniques for face construction, mohair wig making, and using wool to stuff your doll. Pattern by Fig and Me. 

So what do we have here? Baby Kasja, made with the Baby Fig pattern, in all her glory.

The Baby Fig pattern will help you create an 11" natural fiber art doll, weighted with dollmaking glass beads in her torso, stuffed with wool, needle-felted facial features, lovely embroidered eyes (that add so much to the imagination by keeping them simple like this) and two options for doll hair: a mohair yarn cap done in crochet, or a draped fabric cap made with repurposed wool knit.

The Baby Fig doll pattern, helps you create an 11" tall  baby style doll, weighted with glass beads and stuffed with wool. By Fig and Me. 

This pattern has many thoughtful details, and while it's pretty close to the one I use, it's not exactly the same. The doll has ears in lovely proportions to the head, a cute nose, a slender neck (that helps model clothes much better), a coy smile and chubby cheeks.

It also has bum darts, a baby belly-button, curved arms and legs, sculpted thumbs and elbows, round knees and longer feet.

All in all, it's a beautiful and elegant pattern, that will teach you baby-doll construction, as well as introduce you to needle-felting for facial features. 

I have mentioned before that I am publishing my patterns in level of difficulty. So, if you are a very beginner, have never made a doll in your life, you will find the Wee Baby Bunny doll pattern a much easier introduction into doll making. It uses minimal amounts of the high-end doll skin fabric, and even repurposed materials for the body, so it's very economical and doable. 

If you have made a few dolls before, or want to try creating a "waldorf style" cloth doll (remember, I don't make waldorf dolls), then the Little Fig doll pattern is better suited for you. You will learn to construct a full body with wonderful details (like curved arms and chubby knees), and  learn a few techniques to shape the head and make hair.

Sweet baby doll legs. Learn to make a baby doll with the Baby Fig doll pattern by Fig and Me. 

Now, if you are an Intermediate Beginner, and have worked with doll skin fabric before, know how to handle wool stuffing and you want a challenge, this is your pattern. The Baby Fig is a more involved pattern, due to the limbs construction, stuffing and weighing. But it's not hard to make, you just have to be patient and pay attention.

The pattern contains over 132 pages and many step-by-step photos, with lots of instruction, tips and considerations when working with these materials. 

It also comes with pattern pieces and instruction to dress your baby in a hard-working diaper, bib with added trim and sweet bow head band. You know, the essentials.

Take the Baby Fig  pattern and make a lovely, weighted with glass beads, baby-style doll. Pattern available from Fig and Me. #dollmaking #makingdolls These clothes included in the pattern.

But, we didn't want to stop there. Oh no. We went full-steam ahead and produced a lovely layette sewing e-book as well. That one comes with 8 patterns that fit the Baby Fig like a glove. You will find three clothing sets in that e-book:

Set 1.

A lined kimono-style jacket with ribbon ties and long sleeves, plus a set of harem or saroual pants with wide waist and leg cuffs. This set comes with such a sweet pointy hat (that I obviously forgot to photograph but it's in there, I promise).

Set 2.

A simple A-line dress, with facings and no sleeves, opening fully on back and closing with choice-method of sewn-in snaps. Plus lovely puffy short bloomers and the traditional three-piece lined bonnet that I love for all my babies. Winning Spring set over here.

Set 3.

A bunting-style sleeper, with raglan long sleeves and sport collar, opening at back and also closing with sewn-in snaps. The sleeper comes with a knotty hat.

Use the Baby Layette sewing e-book to create a lovely clothing ensemble for your baby doll. Via Fig and Me. 

And, as  if this wasn't enough, I will be publishing the Knitting Layette e-book this weekend. Truth be told my brain is mashed potatoes and I also wanted to give you time to breathe and take in all the gorgeousness of the Baby Fig first.

But don't get mad, it will be ready for purchase this weekend, as it is already finished and photographed and all the behind-the-scenes stuff.

If you are on Stitchy Notes (my rebellious dollmaking newsletter), then you already heard the news: darling husband wants to surprise one of you with a lovely wooden cradle of his. Why? Because he IS awesome.

So when the Baby Fig pattern reaches 100 pattern sales, he will be drawing a name from those transactions and gifting one of his lovely wooden cradles to one of them. All he needs is for the winner to pay shipping and postage to their residence. I shall post photos of the cradle in question very soon, so keep those eyes peeled.

Without much ado, except fanfare, bellinis and a hearty supper (I know…my brain is finished!), I give you all the Baby Fig and the Baby Layette. Run away with them, make dolls, make dolly clothes, have fun, stitch away, stuff and sculpt, be happy. Make things with YOUR hands.

I am so grateful to be part of your own journey, and for the trust you bestow on me when you choose one of my patterns. 

As always, all questions welcomed. Fire away.

And now, the Baby Layette Knitting pattern too.

And now, the Baby Layette Knitting pattern too.

A bundle of joy.

A bundle of joy.