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Little Fig Doll Pattern, make it your own.

Little Fig Doll Pattern, make it your own.

So pleased to be able to share this with you all. As part of my doll making journey, I am now on the slow climb to publish as many of my patterns as I possibly can, and here is the next instalment in the family: the Little Fig doll pattern.

The Little Fig Doll Pattern allows you to create a 14" tall doll, made with cotton fabric and stuffed with wool. A soft mohair wig adds so much charm and playfulness to the doll. (via Fig and me)

The Little Fig Doll Pattern allows you to create a 14" tall doll, made with cotton fabric and stuffed with wool. A soft mohair wig adds so much charm and playfulness to the doll. (via Fig and me)

A long time ago a group of friends decided to embark on a challenge and create a doll out of our comfort zones. We were all creating dolls around 16" to 18" tall back then, so we decided to create a little one, a 12" doll.

I proceeded with fervour to downsize my then pattern, and over the years many modifications have happened to this little doll. In order to share it with ease, I simplified it a bit and offer it to you in what I feel is a perfect size for a small child (and a beginner dollmaker) to create: a 14" tall little doll, with chubby body, 3-year old body proportions and the minimalist face characteristic of waldorf-style dolls.

I did a lot of visualization and envisioning this pattern in the hands of mothers and grandmothers, caretakers, dear aunts, ladies with a strong need to be crafty and wanting to tackle dollmaking next. I also envisioned a male dollmaker or two, zealous of his alone time, crafty by nature.

I also envisioned many an afternoon, while the kids play outside or the older children are already living away, and you: seating down with some wool batting and your little pattern on your lap, sewing away. Little gifts for those you love, a small little doll for your own collection. Someone made by you.

The Little Fig doll pattern is here. Make a little doll with cotton and stuffed with wool, waldorf style. via Fig and me.

I hope it entices your creativity and that you spend lovely hours making this little doll. I have fallen madly in love with her, even though I already make them around that size, something was yearning in me for the simplicity of this kind of doll. 

I am glad I took the time and the challenge to start putting some patterns into paper for you. It requires a special kind of diligence and a bit of inner work: would people like it? what if people get mad at me for not doing needle-felting for the face on this one? is it too simple?…you know the drill. 

One thing is for certain in my heart, no matter who you make this for, it will come from within you. There is just no other way because dollmaking truly requires you to pause, listen to your inner chatter, and get down to business.

The result is always a big part of who you are. It will never be perfect, just as you are never perfect. And it will also be a time capsule, what you did, who you made, at a certain point in your life. 


The Little Fig dollmaking pattern creates a small 14" doll. via Fig and me.

A waldorf-style dollmaking pattern by Fig and me. 

My advice to you is "cherish that time". Don't rush it. Don't wish it away. This might be your very first doll, or it might be your only doll, or maybe the 53th doll in your life. But she or he is special.

You will devote hours of your life to create it, and hopefully there won't be many issues, spilled cups of tea, pricked fingers, too many phone calls, unwanted visits.

If I had a magic wand (damn you Olivander!) I would make myself real tiny and spy on you while you make this. I would love to see who you create, what comes out of your hands.

But most of all, I would love to see your eyes and face as this little wool person develops under your gaze. The magic has never stopped for me and I wish to share it with you.

As you can see, the pattern has curved arms and chubby hands; little shapely legs with rounded knees, short feet, a little neck. The face is sculpted with the aid of needle and thread and has a nose and a little chin. All sculpting is done to a bare minimum. Not just to keep the doll simple, but to ease you gently into the dollmaking realm.

There are darts in the torso, but you won't be sculpting a bum or adding ears. Unless you want to and know how to of course. There is a cute belly-button rest assured.

Create your own little 14" doll with the Little Fig doll pattern. via Fig and Me. 

You can find it for sale in my shop and should you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. You can contact me directly or via Etsy as well.

Oh! I am going to be seating on my hands, waiting eagerly for the first little doll to appear in my inbox. Who would she be? Is he going to be adventuresome or shy? Would he be a playmate for a child or another doll at home? Is she going to like to sit in the garden? most of my dolls do. 

I hope you can share bits of your creative process with me by tagging me on IG or Facebook with #LITTLEFIGDOLLPATTERN. That is the only way I can spy on you and be part of what you are doing. Hope you are so kind to share with me.

The Little Fig doll pattern is available for your crafty hands. Create a 14" doll with this sweet design, via fig and me. 

So without much ado, find all the pertinent ingredient requirements on the pattern listing itself.

I am so happy and excited to see how many of these little ones find themselves prancing around this summer, how many of them will be made as Christmas presents or birthday presents, and how many of you fall madly in love with dollmaking. 

From my hands to yours with love, here it is:


Thank you for your continued support of my work, and the many encouraging comments as I delve deeper into this dollmaking arena. Very grateful and happy to be here. Hope you like it!!

**I hope to be able to create some doll clothing patterns for this doll to wear real soon. So just hang tight with me while I go about doing that. The little hat she is wearing will be offered as a freebie in the pattern support page (mentioned in the pattern) and I am working on the dress+embroidery+bonnet as we speak. Dolls are such demanding creatures I tell you!.

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