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Three little girls.

Three little girls.

Sittin on a tree. One fell down...

Anwen, Morwen and Bronwen. Three natural fiber art dolls by Fig and Me. 

No, that's not really what happened. Nobody fell off the tree. If anything, I am the one head-over-heels about these three girls. They were started back in December, and were put on hold while I played with Raisa and then Robin. 

Then three of their little sisters decided to jump out ahead of them, and so they sat on the wooden shelf in my studio, looking a bit forlorn. 

Bronwen's hand knitted boots, by Fig and Me. 

Bronwen is the tallest and oldest of the three. By Fig and Me. 

Anwen is the middle child. A natural cloth art doll by Fig and Me.

Anwen showing off her pretty ears, by Fig and Me. 

Morwen is the littlest sister, a natural cloth art doll by Fig and Me. 

Bronwen dressed in her silk underdress, with two beautiful tiers and a metal clasp. By Fig and Me. 

Morwen being so silly, as usual. She said "I strike a pose!". Natural cloth art doll by Fig and Me. 

Anwen a bit distrustful of the camera. By Fig and Me. 

But, it has been such a pleasure to return to them. To have long chats over fabrics and tea, deciding who gets to wear what.

These three kiddos have their own ideas, of course, and with very distinct personalities, their voices have been heard. They remind me so much of my three little girls over here.

In any case, it wont be long before they too are ready to join the community, to find a home and bring a little of their happiness and mischief. Just bear in mind, Bronwen is the eldest and thinks she knows everything. Anwen is the middle child, always thinking that nobody wants her. And of course, Morwen…who thinks the whole world revolves around her. 

That should give you a pretty good idea of who they are. See you soon my dears, there is still a lot to do with them.

But, like I was saying this morning to my poor sick girl, who stayed home and didn't go to school: "I sure hope one day, you find work that is truly nurturing to you. So that you don't "work" a day in your life, but instead have a grand old time, just like I do with my dolls!". She thinks she will and it's going to be exciting to see that happen.

More soon on these three.

Bronwen, Anwen and Morwen: three natural dolls ready to play.

Bronwen, Anwen and Morwen: three natural dolls ready to play.

Eileen and Ethel are ready.

Eileen and Ethel are ready.