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I give up Hettie Gray.

Hettie Gray, a natural doll by Fig and me. 

For sure things can't keep going this way. I give up. No more. What's the point really? of all those lovely sketches, of those long lists of names? If you are all going to do whatever the hell you all please, then I am not going to play anymore. See if you can sew your own clothes, or knit your own shoes. I'm done!.

Hettie Gray, a lovely 23" tall natural doll by Fig and me. 

Let me tell you something, dear reader, that little girl up there had a very different name a few weeks ago. Her name was Parvati, we had linen and silks for her. Then she got her hair on and said no more Parvati for her. Then what I said? And she replied Naveen. Ok then I said, and continued working on her clothes, now with the Naveen in mind. But guess what? you guessed right. She said no more Naveen, my real name is Hettie Gray.


Hettie Gray and her peony, by Fig&me.

Hettie Gray, a natural doll by Fig & me.

I do have to agree that her name is her name, and I can't change it. But why don't they tell me their name sooner? why do they change their mind so much about their clothes? why do they ask me to knit them something only to later change their mind? why?. I am just starting to feel a little the abuse to be honest. Deep in my heart I know I can't be mad at them, especially at her. How can I? When she is whispering her story and playing with me at the same time? This is madness of the purest kind I tell you.

Miss Hettie Gray, natural doll by Fig and me.

And so instead of thinking I run this show, or pretending I am the boss, I am just gonna' let them do whatever the heck they want. No more pretty "make-ahead" sketches, no siree. No more sleepless nights trying to figure out what they want, they always let me know in the end. It has taken me several years but I have finally learned the lesson: the dolls run the show, and this one in particular, well…let's just say that even though she has a heart of gold there is a very stubborn streak within her. Lord give me patience!. 

Hettie Gray, you sure are special.

Elderflower and Rowanberry, two natural dolls ready for play.