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Serafina, in progress.


I write this with an extremely stiff neck, somehow I managed to pinch a nerve (or something) early this morning, and after crying for help and making my husband return home, I am now feeling slightly better. Too bad, really, because she was supposed to get her clothes finished today, and make a grandiose arrival in her pretty attire. It will have to wait. Her sister, Rowan, is also waiting in the backstage, and with a little bit of rest, and some help from my dollmaking faeries, I should be able to introduce you all soon.

This little sweetheart is about 17" tall (give or take) and is extremely petite in construction. I was telling some of my friends this week how the dolls are shrinking in size (well, in girth mostly) while not losing weight...a bit of a conundrum. I chalk it up to the evolution process of my dolls and don't worry about it too much. If the clothes keep fitting, and they keep being cute and silly, then I am fine with it. But thought perhaps some other people would like to be informed of this fact, so there you have it.

And although her hair looks precious in this length, the ends are very rough and scratchy-feeling. So I must gather courage to snip, snip, snip. Oh dear! I really hate cutting the dolls' hair. When it is all yarn I have no issues, but with these mohair wefts, I am all panicky and I dislike it very much. It just seems like such a waste! But Serafina hasn't complained about her hair, so I might leave it up to whoever brings her home to make that decision. What do you think? Should I cut it? I will have to sleep on it (I should probably mention that I have been "sleeping on it" for three days now).

I should also let you know that she is one of four dolls that will be available for sale this week. She, and her sister Rowan, are two mocha skin Figlettes, of the 18" kind (please read note above), more suitable for children 6+. The other two wee ones are 13" tall, also with mocha skin, and handspun hair (finally!) suitable for children 4+. The figlettes will be sold comment-style, the other two will be popped in the shop together once they are finished. Prices are still in limbo as I am trying to make them a few more items of clothing..and my neck is so not helping. I'll be back with Rowan tomorrow! Ouch!!.

Rowan, in progress.