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"Let me take you, to the place where magic happens" said early this morning Miss Darcy to her sister Bella. Bundled up, and with a smile so big you could light up the darkest hour, off they went, to meet their day. Sometimes I envy that energy, that twinkle in the eyes of my dolls. They seem so full of life, so full of dreams. It is at times contagious, and I can't help but follow.

A big purple flare welcomed our arrival, to this magical place. Where fairies fiddle, where busy squirrels divert each other on the highest branches of pines and balsam trees, only to come running down to scamper all around us; a place full of so much magic, that you can witness the virtues of winter, and its quiet beauty. A place of serenity, of dusting snow, of bird songs and glimmering brooks. Pure magic.


Darcy held hands with Bella, as they slowly walked through the canopy of snow-laden branches. Some dusted off on our heads, filling the place with the laughter of two little dolls, who took one last stroll together. Darcy decided to show this place to Bella, as her parting celebration. It wasn't a sad affair, we were all so humbled by the beauty she chose to show us, that we were nothing but grateful. I couldn't stop thinking that the dolls sometimes must feel sad to say good-bye to each other, could this be true? Or wait, is that just me? Giggle.

As we walked deeper into the woods we found a quiet little creek to sit down and enjoy the pretty silver bells twinkling at us. Bella asked for a snack, and my two girls were too busy to sit down, so they walked further down the path with their father. Which left the three of us for some reminiscing over the last few weeks that we have spent together. It is a bit annoying to my customers (I suppose, not that anybody complains!) that I not only take very long to make their dolls, but that it takes me quite some time to say farewell to them too. I am very grateful that they allow me the space to close these chapters, and let me be with my dolls, alone, one last time.


Darcy explained to Bella how Winter turns into Spring, and she told her the names of many of the plants and trees that live in this forest. Bella was very impressed with all this knowledge and vowed to one day pass it down to the girls and boys that will eventually play with her. She felt very happy to have Darcy as her older sister, and she kept smiling and being agreeable the entire time. I think Bella truly has a good-nature disposition, she seems to be always happy.

I know that Darcy and Bella and Miss Matches (who by the way, arrived safe and sound to her new home a day or two ago!) will all have a special place for me, not only because I will remember their tickle fights and the three of them being together here, because I think of them as a trio: my sweet sisters. Even though I didn't have in mind for them to be a family, in the end their personalities and the way they were created turned them just into that, siblings. And for me that is quite an accomplishment!.

Darcy told Bella that soon enough she would hear the charming songs of summer frogs, lulling her to sleep; that before long bulbs would start sprouting up and just like that all the trees would have green leaves. That the aroma of this forest would change to something very sweet, very warming, like the memory of your own mother's perfume. That all sorts of wildflowers would cover the ground, and that the animals of the forest would change their coats once more. Bella was very excited to hear these news, I think she loves summer more than winter. Who could blame her?


I have always found it completely rejuvenating to go into the forest. There is something so ancient, deep and nurturing in there for me. The gentle stirring of the trees, the slow movement of one's own pace, the smells that you inhale, the colours and sounds that envelop you, it is all full of magic I believe. And the best kind too!.

When Darcy suggested to take Bella there, we all jumped at the occasion. Sitting them like this, to take their last photos together, was bittersweet for me. But I know who is waiting for them on the other end, and I am very excited to send them their way. Darcy will probably hang around with me *just* a little longer, while Bella is definitely going home on Monday. She cannot wait! And she is so excited that I can't pout.

I hope you enjoyed our walk through the woods, and that we were able to communicate a little of the magic of this place. I hope this week you find time to look for magic around you, especially the nature kind. Wishing you a lovely weekend, I will go now and tickle these two once more!.


Serafina, in progress.

Squaring up.