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Squaring up.


I sent Miss Matches away yesterday, with a few sniffles I have to admit. Some dolls are just very hard to say good-bye to. Not wanting to dwell too much on the affair I got busy with other little dolls (which will be available next week, exciting!). Darcy and Bella are also finished, and I am afraid I am just dragging my feet, inventing stories to not send them home. I even decided to make Darcy a new pair of shoes, just to justify the fact that I just don't want to say good-bye to her either. 

My adoring husband decided I couldn't send Miss Matches away with a muslin bag full of matches. So off he went, to manufacture the cutest set for her. Those tiny little shards of wood are made of ash (how appropriate I thought!), and the girls and I painted the tips very excited, anticipating the smiles of Miss Matches' mother when she opens the little box. The case is made of walnut, and has a leather strap to keep the box shut. It always amazes me the amount of time this darling husband of mine invests in making things for me, or for my dolls I should say. He just goes all out, and leaves me completely amazed and humbled.


I have been tallying up all those income sheets and what not, going through all my paypal statements in order to file my taxes this year (boring!), and I was thinking last night, how wonderful it is for me that many of those names are repeating customers, over and over. 2012 proved to be quite an amazing year for me in the dollmaking front, and I am ever so grateful to everybody that wrote to me, that supported me buying my dolly clothes, my patterns, and my dolls of course. So I came up with a little idea, that just needs a little bit more time to come to fruition but it is good let me tell you, it is good. It will involve giving away something to one of those names on my statements, it will be random of course, and hopefully it will be well received. Stay tuned!

Ah yes! with a bit of luck I will have two, or maybe even four (gasp!) dolls available for sale within a week...or two. You know how it is in this neck of the woods. I hope everybody is keeping warm, we are hopefully in the last stretch of winter...I keep telling myself!.


Pretty, pretty.