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Little Pepper, the stubborn one.

Little Pepper, by Fig&me

Oh, you have heard about this little lady before. She is the one that liked to play with my wee fox, and she is also the one that caused real mischief in the sewing room. I don't like to talk behind her back, but she can be really stubborn and selfish and well, opinionated. 

Usually, when I encounter problems with a doll is because she doesn't like to wear what I make for her. This one was a bit different. She wanted certain things, certain fabrics, all done a certain way. I don't work well with definite requests, I like to play things by ear and let inspiration strike while I am sewing. I do plan more or less what I want to make and envision for them, but at the very end is when special pockets and certain trims are added. Not with Pepper, she picked all of it at once and demanded it was to be done to her specifications. Oh my!. 

Pepper looking at rain drops, by Fig&me

Pepper and the rainy day, by Fig&me

When I had all the fabrics laid out they looked like a royal mess. Nothing looked harmonious to me, but…what do I know? It all came beautiful in the end. Pepper knew deep down what she wanted and I am happy I had to pull my end of the bargain. That linen jacket was the stuff of nightmares. I don't even want to describe the ordeal I went through. I was saved at very last minute by a wonderful doll clothing book (which I will share soon, because I want to spare you the heart ache!) and voila! Her Spring jacket was made, according to her wishes. The linen she chose for the jacket has to be one of my favourites, perfect colour and thickness. I just love sewing with linen. 

Little Miss Polka Dots, by Fig&me

A pretty linen top for Miss Opinionated, by Fig&me

Pepper has a bit of an obsession with polka dots. I didn't notice when she gave me all the stuff to make her clothes, but as I started putting along with this or that, I would think to myself "hey, look at the wee polka dots!", and "hey, a wee bit more of them polka dots"…until I finally gave her the look of "I see you! You sneaky Polka-dot lover!". She laughed! Looking back and telling me: you're a bit slow Fabs!. All with a big smile of course.  

Linen doll clothes, by Fig&me

Miss Pepper, by Fig&me

Little Pepper and her pretty clothes, by Fig&me

I am super happy I listened (and obeyed promptly) to Pepper's requests. I don't think I could have done any better by suggesting different things or changing stuff around. Pepper is beyond excited to be fully dressed now, and ready for adventure. She promises to not be so very stubborn in regards to clothing options from now on, but she does hope she is offered a wide selection to choose from. She is all yours people!

Pepper is a 19"/20" figlette, with yak weft crocheted with mohair. Like all my dolls, she is stuffed with wool and has cotton skin. Her face is sculpted with needle felting and then embroidered. Her clothes are made mostly of japanese linen, with different trims. Her boots and beret are made with wool. Pepper will be available for purchase via a 3-hour auction tonight. You can see the listing over here:

Little Pepper, the stubborn doll. 

Spring should come now, Pepper! (via Fig&me)

I hope Pepper finds a home that can indulge her extravagance. I hope she is played with forever. I hope she makes someone else's cheeks hurt as much as she makes mine, and I do hope she soaks in the love of whoever adopts her. I love you Pepper! Good luck to you. See you tonight!.

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