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Dreams of all dreams.

Pepper holding my Manomine fox, by Fig&me

I received a few days ago a small little package. I knew it was coming but I had no idea what was in it. When I opened the carefully wrapped little present I almost fainted. True!. Inside was the most carefully created little fox, with the most amazing detail and the most beautiful clothes a fox has ever had the pleasure of wearing. A Manomine creation.

Years and years ago, before I had this blog here, I used to look at Mia's creations on her flickr gallery. Every single one took my breath away, from the simple but charismatic design, to the careful execution, to the personalities in her small but dashing toys. All the goodies she was making for them, such as sweet pastries, blankets, extra dresses, small tea pot with cups and saucers, motivated me to start the French Dreams collection. That careful presentation, yet leaving so much room for the imagination to play, left me speechless. In awe of those tiny stitches, through the photographs, I could sense a little of Mia's personality. Now I have one here with me and I am again speechless, in awe and very grateful. 

Little Pepper holding my Manomine fox, by Fig&me.

Grateful for so many reasons, first for the kind heart that decided to part with this beautiful creation and send her my way, knowing that I loved her from afar. Grateful that there are people like her in this world, who give so much of themselves without expecting anything in return. Grateful of my luck, that I happened to stumble upon Sam and her beautiful family. Grateful that there are creators like Mia, who spend hours and hours creating from within, with their own passion pushing them forward. Grateful that my children get to see someone else's toys in this house, and we can talk about creativity, design and craft with them. Grateful that this world is still so full of magic, for them to experience and for me too. 

We named her Flora! (via Fig&me)

Little Pepper and her big brown eyes, by Fig&me

Miss Flora and Humphrey, toys made by Manomine (via Fig&me)

Miss Pepper, by Fig&me

Pepper is also very in love with her, but we have had a chat and she knows Miss Flora and Humphrey are my toys and she can play with them as long as she is here. She is ok with that. Miss Pepper is a 19"/20" figlette that will be on the look out for a home to call her own. We just gotta decide a few things and finish her clothes first. 

Thank you Sam, and thank you Mia, for keeping the flame in this heart burning. 

Little Pepper, the stubborn one.

For little hands.