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For little hands.

Three little dolls, by Fig&me

These small dolls fit perfectly inside little hands. They are made to be carried around, to be squeezed and be caressed against chubby cheeks. They are ever so soft, made with repurposed 100% cashmere, the stuff of dreams. Lightly stuffed with wool, and blushed rosy cheeks. I do love making them, but they are so small they make my hands hurt. 

Little Grey Bunny, by Fig&me

Little Black Lamb, by Fig&me

After making the Wee Baby Lambs last week, I just had to try to make a few of the smaller ones. Knitting them little sack overalls brought lots of giggles to this house. My husband is now certain that there is little left of my sanity, and he just hopes I can live the rest of  my life with decency. The little pouches are nothing new, I used to make cocoon babies for necklaces a few years ago and other than the shape is basically the same thing. 

Mr Chocolate Bunny, by Fig&me

A few more of these mini dolls will make their way into the shop today. After that, I won't make anymore for a few weeks. I need to give my hands a small break. But I will have another batch of Wee Baby Lambs next week, so keep a sharp eye out. The Lambs will be ready towards the very end of the week. Now I have to go and update the shop. Thank you for loving my little creations as much as you love the larger ones. 

The little cashmere dolls, by Fig & me

I hope some of you get lucky and manage to snag one up. They are very quick, these little ones, and are always too eager to jump inside people's shopping baskets and flee the coop. See you soon!.

Dreams of all dreams.

Starting your doll making adventure.

Starting your doll making adventure.