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May, the Fair.

May, the Fair.

We had promised ourselves to have a little break after the Princesses. We had talked about putting those scissors to rest, those hands to knit easy, those sketching fingers to mind their manners. Yet. Nothing went according to plan.

I dreamed a little girl. Lost on an alley. Was she really lost? Or was she playing hide and seek and forgotten all about it?. I dreamed this little girl, with asian features (my first!), running and splashing about in a wondrous alley: those full of tin cans you can kick and create spontaneous cacophonies that only children seem to love, with crooked fences and interesting graffiti. An alley, a back road, a forgotten place of sorts. I dreamed her there.

Miss May, by Fig&me.

May, by Fig&me.

I couldn't quite hear her name, "Mae, Mei, May?". So I went for May, the Fair. She is always fair, oh yes she is. She counts the kisses, and demands equal shares. She measures the length of hugs, the minutes of cuddles, the spongy embraces that other toys receive. She demands fairness, even though she came without announcement and we had agreed I was going to rest. 

-"No rest for the wicked" she said to me, and went skipping.

Miss Happy May, by Fig&me

Now I have the serious task of dressing May. She has her ideas, and so I will listen, I will try to listen. Please excuse me for not setting up the auction listing for the custom spot, but May has kept me rather busy. I will do it tomorrow and run the auction on Saturday. That way May and I can keep our loving embrace and our chats about her clothes. I really like you May! So happy you are here with me.

First figlette custom spot of the year.

The month of love, and a custom spot.