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Lucy Maude, and her wee mushroom

Lucy Maude was sitting under a shady tree, on a fine late summer morning, when I found her. What a most wonderful acquaintance. A little girl, dressed in her sunday best, crochet doily and all, waiting to be found and to make friends.

Lucy Maude and I spent the whole day wandering around the wet garden. Look at this, look at that, isn't that just wonderful? sweet expressions coming out of her lips. Lucy seems to find much pleasure in discovering nature's treasures. She found a mound of fungi growing on a pile of sawdust, and giggled a bit uncontrollably. Lucy Maude loves mushrooms.


I guess she hasn't noticed that there is a little toadstool growing on her hair! Oh, that's right! That is her wee barrette, a testament to her love for wee mushrooms. Lucy Maude is a very kind and gently girl, she loves to play outside and loves nature. The early Fall is her most favourite season of all, because she gets to find many treasures in the garden.

Miss Lucy Maude is a 17" tall figlette, made with cotton and stuffed quite firmly with clean wool. Her fuzzy hair is a mohair wig sewn to her head. She has big brown eyes and a soft, gentle smile. She is wearing a pair of linen bloomers with elastic for better fit; a nice comfortable cotton blouse with a centre pleat and puffed short sleeves; a linen pinafore with a embroidered patch. Her maryjanes are made of wool and close with wooden buttons. She also has a wee cotton doily, which she sometimes wear as a shawl and sometimes as a kerchief. She likes to accessorize with her wee mushroom barrette. Lucy Maude was made with a lot of love by me. I hope she finds a loving home, where she can show you the many pleasures there are to be found in nature.

If you would like to bring Lucy Maude to play with you, please fill this form with your details, and we will select a person at random to purchase her. Price is $395 USD plus postage charges to where you live.  

Lucy Maude has found a loving home!. Thank you so much to those who entered, if all goes well Miss Lucy will be traveling soon to her new family. Now, I must attend to her three sisters, who are starting to get a bit excited and nervous about finding their homes too. Good night everybody and thank you for your wonderful comments!.

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