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Making relish

I am trying to make relish of all the beautiful early moments I witness. The days are growing shorter, the air is wet (so wet!), the heat is still here but at night you have to curl up a little bit tighter with a light blanket, things are starting to happen: apples everywhere, crazy chipmunks claiming territories, birds flying high, acorns at my feet on my morning walk. The harbingers of Autumn are singing their song, their beautiful song.

A little dusting, by Fig and me.

The excitement and energy for the season to come is felt, however it is always bittersweet. I would say more bittersweet for others than for me, however I still feel a little pang to see the summer go. The warm sand beaches, the nice weather, the produce at our fingertips, it will all be gone soon. Washing rugs from muddy foot steps is going to be a weekly activity pretty soon, sandals at our doorstep will be replaced by wellies and a hat or two. Instead of mud pies I will be greeted with leaf crowns from the hands of my children. Instead of a big insulated bag with swimsuits and towels in the back of the van, I will have a backpack with sketch books and watercolours and a warm blanket. I won't have sand in the bath tub anymore, but I am anticipating a lot of mud in my hallway.

I always marvel at the passage of seasons, they hold such magic, such a strong hold in my imagination. Some days I feel a bit silly by looking at these things with such a sense of wonder, like I have never seen them or felt them before, but I just can't help it. I love witnessing the wheel of the year, and every bit of it fills me with gratefulness.

This week we are trying to set a routine for our homeschooling, our work, our daily rhythm. I always find it hard to establish something when we are coming out of holidays, and this time it feels a little bit more imposed, and also more needed, than ever. I have to say good-bye to so many dolls, Frida and Amelie are still here with me (the devil!) and I know I am just going to have to throw a party to bid them farewell. Not just to them, but to the summer as well and everything that went with it. Then we will really be mentally and emotionally ready for the season to come. 

How about you? Do you notice the changes of season with such anticipation? Do you love to celebrate each passing or each arrival? I think it should be a good idea to have some sort of regular small celebratory dinner or lunch or something, to mark what we consider the beginning or end of a season. In fact, I just might do that from now on.  

Lucy Maude, and her wee mushroom

Five is a lucky number