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Five is a lucky number

Well, as you might already know, the internet faeries dusted away my cleverly written (ehem!) blog about my little fellas, and all those things I had mentioned about them disappeared in a bad night of thunder, lightning and little sleep. The weather mimicked the state of mind I went to bed with, and I have learned my lesson not to invoke Tlaloc anymore! (Tlaloc by the way is the aztec deity for rain).  

So without much further ado (I know you all have been waiting for this moment) here are my five little muffins. I could go on and on about their personalities, they really all are very different and feel different in your hands as well. But I will leave you to get to know them in person if you happen to bring one home. 

Little Jude is the youngest cousin and he tries very hard to keep up with his fellow play mates. They tease him a little that he can't reach the monkey bars yet, but they do take very good care of him. They help him on to the swing and give him a real good push to get him going. Jude is a little shy, and a little too precious, but I think he will grow up into a fine young fellow. 

He is 13" tall and is made with cotton and stuffed with wool. His hair is a mohair cap sewn to his head, and he is wearing upcycled and comfy corduroy overalls with snaps, a polo shirt with crew neck (snaps on back) and wool booties (blue and mustard in colour). His price is $295 USD plus postage charges.  

Little Marcelino is quiet a riot. He is always making funny noises, always pretending to turn whatever he is playing into some sort of faster-than-life vehicle: boats, jet planes, space ships, cars, bikes, you name it. His favourite hair style is what he calls "velocity hair" (the one pictured). He loves it when you finger comb it like that. Marcelino loves to play outside and is a very fine looking fellow. I do love him especially because he feels so nice in your hands, his belly is firm but his legs and arms are soft and ready for hugs and cuddles.

Marcelino is made with cotton and stuffed with clean wool. His hair is a mohair cap sewn to his head and he is wearing upcycled corduroy trousers and a comfy double-jersey shirt with a handy pocket (for his wrenches! and car keys...); he comes with his pair of wool boots. Marcelino is $295 USD plus postage charges. 

Oh dear, how do I explain this one? Well, let's just say he is a bit of a show off. He thinks quite highly of himself, and has given himself the name of "defender of the weak". He likes to stay in shape by doing exercise, all day. Jumping, running, swimming, digging, making contraptions. It's all in the name of helping the poor, the innocent, the weak. Lincoln is a very kind-hearted fella and I am sure you will fall madly in love with him, he is just so cute with all his boyish antics. 

Lincoln is made with cotton and stuffed with wool. His hair is a mohair cap sewn to his head and he is wearing upcycled corduroy shorts and a polo shirt with a silly pocket. He requested a cape but after cleaning his messes and trying to get him out of trouble I was very exhausted. He also has a pair of wool booties, which he likes very much...he just wishes they came with blue tights (a la superman). Silly Lincoln!. He is $295 USD plus postage charges. 

Lincoln loves to defend his brother Tristan more than anything else. Tristan needs no defending of course, especially since he is the older brother, but because he is so nice he just lets Lincoln do the talking. He likes to observe things, especially from up high. He loves to climb tall trees and sit up there for hours. I think Tristan is an old soul, who takes much pleasure in seeing all his cousins playing but without joining the games. He does interact from time to time, but he is mostly the referee, the umpire, the judge, you know the type. The quiet one. 

Tristan is made with cotton and stuffed with wool. His hair is a cap of mohair boucle, which gives it a curly appearance. He is wearing upcycled corduroy overalls (with snaps) and a polo shirt. His wool booties are mustard and grey, just two of his many favourite colours. His price is $295 USD plus shipping. 

And then there is this one. The heart breaker. All the little girls that come in contact with him just start writing him love letters, and take him by the hand and want to sneak a kiss here or there. My doll Eva was especially in love with this one and she bribed me with much cake in order for me to keep him. I reminded Eva of our golden rule (not to keep dolls in the house), and she then got very mad at me. I won her heart again with a pretty dress. Back to Julian! Yes, he is a very handsome boy. He just can't help it. He is not a show off or anything, but he does know how to turn those beautiful eyes on you so there is no chance of you denying him anything. I almost feel a little sorry for the family that ends up with him, they just don't stand a chance. 

Julian is made with cotton and stuffed with wool. His hair is wool attached strand by strand to a wool cap, sewn to his head. He is wearing upcycled corduroy pants and a comfy double-jersey shirt with a kangaroo pocket. His boots are also made of wool. Julian is $295 USD plus postage charges. 

So if you would like to bring any of these little fellows into your home, please fill the form below and your details will be sent to me. I will select (at random) a person to purchase each and every one of them tomorrow at 10 AM EST. Payment is due then. Please only fill your details for one of the dolls, and only if you are personally interested in bringing one home.  

Thank you so much to everyone that entered their names to give one of these little fellas a loving home. I have notified every family of their impending arrival, and will proceed to send all invoices soon.

To those that walk away empty handed, my apologies but these hands can only handle a few boys a year. They sure are busy!. Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and for your love of my dolls. Have a great day!.

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