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Surrounded by flowers

Before I packed Eliza a while ago (don't worry, I haven't kidnapped her, she is already in the arms of her loving mother), I had to go and take her out for a few photos with her tulle petticoat. Her pinafore had so much fabric and her dress was so long, that we had the need to add a little oomph under it to lift the whole thing up. So off we went, to sit her under the pretty flowers for a few last photos of her. So gad I did. 

Knowing her mother, I know she is bound to have many cuddles by now. I do hope they get along, and Eliza Lily brings her comfort in her hours of struggle. As for me, I am almost done moving and very soon, oh! so very soon, you will be able to witness little bits of the place we call home now. I want to introduce it with new photos of my four troublemakers (it is rare that I have four dolls from the same collection at the same time so I have to seize the moment) and then...oh, well...you are going to have to wait because there is a very patient but imaginative girl here in my studio and she can't wait to come and meet you all. She is a custom figlette, a tall one, and if I say so myself, a beauty. More on her later when I finish moving the studio.  


Four nature lovers